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12 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Shadows Gameplay Showcase | Ubisoft Forward 2024

Watch over 12 minutes of work in progress gameplay from Assassin’s Creed Shadows, coming out November 15.

Become a lethal shinobi Assassin and a samurai of historical legend as you fight for justice in turbulent feudal Japan.

0:00 – 0:17: Intro
0:18 – 3:50: Exploring Fukuchiyama
3:52 – 6:02: Yasuke Combat Gameplay
6:03 – 7:37: Naoe & Yasuke Cinematic Look
7:38 – 11:37: Naoe Stealth Combat Gameplay
11:38 – 12:16: Naoe Escape Gameplay
12:17 – 13:02 Open-World Look


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1 month ago

The best part of Assassin's Creed isn't Ghost of Tsushima?

1 month ago

Why is everyone bowing? When I went to japan no one was bowing at every corner I walked.

1 month ago

강한자들만 살아남는 전국시대

1 month ago

People don't understand this it work and progress this is not the final product you will be playing

1 month ago

Looks lame. And the fact that people tried to edit actual history online to prove he was a samurai when he wasn't is just sad.

1 month ago

You know how it used to be that you could have black and female protagonists in the past and not even notice it because it made sense like in Mafia 3 or Last of Us 1?

1 month ago

"Actual" Japan history. Black face, dreadlocks and rap music…

1 month ago

The monkey at the start tells you all you need to know

1 month ago

i really hope that isnt the actual boss fight music

1 month ago

Naoe seems kinda fun to play as. Everything else it’s kinda lame.

1 month ago

For god's sake, all the Tori gates lead to a temple, not a town even in modern Japan. That would be like putting cemetery gates with the text CEMETARY in front of the hospital. 😑Besides the bizzaro Chinese architecture, wearing a military uniform for war in daily use, etc. It's a disaster by a dozen mistakes. 😒

1 month ago

Why does Naoe sound awful?? Like a plank of wood.

1 month ago

Looks awesome

1 month ago

This is perfect so far Ubisoft… I think that your honor is returning… Soon people's faith in you will be restored… Keep up the good work… And work on the price…

1 month ago

Yasuke reminds of Bayek from Origins and I loved Bayek

1 month ago

No one has a 4k video of this and Star Wars Outlaws???

1 month ago

I will never trust until it release

1 month ago

The combat look so badddd, wait to sale 75%

1 month ago

Definitely disheartening

1 month ago

Combat is so bad lol, all those guys sticking to You in animations like all ot the laws of universe suddenly stopped working xD

It's a joke that they couldn't even take notes of what's working and what's not in all recent AC games and similiar titles. That being said combat in GoT is just superior to it, even with all of its simplicity. It looked better, more responsive, more impactful, more smooth.

Everything in this trailer is mediocre and it's just a shame that after all price controversy Ubisoft couldn't even deliver anything more than setting that people were suggesting since first AC and "nuance" take on main characters.

1 month ago

I'm more interested with Naoe's gameplay.

1 month ago

Her gameplay is sick like tenchu but man her voice is hard to listen too. Hope they mix it better in final release sounds so reading off a paper

1 month ago

That white filter during killing animations looks just bad. Hope it can be turned off.

1 month ago

Plenty of questionable problems with this game, voice acting and animation abit janky. Hip hop music tf? But as far as RPG Assassins Creed goes, the combat looks way more better than valhalla. Stealth is cool too.

1 month ago

looks very sekiro and ghost of tsushima and the more inspiration taken from ghost of tsushima and sekiro the better. I've kind of come to accept face models will never be incredible in any ubisoft game and thats just cuz whatever engine they be using

1 month ago

5:11 the stereotype 😂

1 month ago

Looks good, but Ghost of Tsushima still has it beat. Also….does that black dude talk like he's japanese? lol

1 month ago

This looks good but all i could think was $20 horse armor.

1 month ago

The voice acting is so bad, the dialogue is even worse. I'll just play Ghost of Tsushima again.

1 month ago

I was thinking the combat looks better than recent iterations. Then 4:45 happened. No thanks.

1 month ago

ignoring all the ghosts of tsushima comments because this looks phenominal

1 month ago

Wow this looks very… Bland…

1 month ago

People talking about GoT. This looks better than GoT by quite a lot. Combat has more impact and animations are better.

1 month ago

Just play ghost of tsushima and thank me later.

1 month ago

oh, ok. i'll just replay ghost of tsushima.

love the voice acting. woman just murders someone and says in the most droll, monotone voice: "i shed all the blood i need to time to go." terrible delivery.

1 month ago

for the longest time we wanted Samuria/Ninja Assassin's Creed, now its can Assassin's Creed stand up to Ghost of Tsushima

1 month ago

Folks..just play Ghosts

1 month ago

Just setting up in japan culture, nothing new. Many scene is make no sense. NPC walk like they are unconscious 🙄

1 month ago

Naoe is really all we needed in this game. ❤

1 month ago

Definitely don't care what people say. Im excited for this.

1 month ago

I pray assassin creed get a new engine because in 2024 the graphics seem out dated and gameplay feels clunky and not fluid like it should

1 month ago

Its just the last 3 ACs in a new coat. But I like the style
Hate the music tho. Hope it's not always hiphop beat when fighting as yasuke

1 month ago

I want to only play as the ninja. No desire to just barge through enemies. Looks great but the frame rate looks rough. Seems like 24 FPS during combat animations. Been waiting for a Japan setting in AC for well over a decade so I will definitely be getting this.

1 month ago

As much as im hoping for this game to brings back AC to my radar. The only goos thing im seeing is the theme. Gameplay looka clunky similar to. Valhalla