15 Best Batman Gifts Of 2022

See that bat signal in the sky? It must be time to check out the best Batman gifts!

If you know someone that either wishes they were Batman or just won’t shut up about him, then the 15 items in this article will save you lots of stress when it comes to buying presents.

From ace figurines to fiddly building sets, there’s something for everyone in this ultimate needy compendium.

And for all ages too. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying for a young girl or a big man-child, we’ve got a range to items that will out a smile on anyone’s face.

Except Number 5; that’s probably just for the adults!

So, let’s crack on and get that present-buying list fully ticked off, shall we?

Let’s kick things off with this Funko Pop! Batman, a neat little figurine for any workspace, gaming table, desk, or car.

Yeah, I had this on the dashboard of my camper van for a very long time until it fell out one day!

He looks a little gormless, but the detailing on the suit is incredible for such a small figurine.

If you collect Funko Pop! figures and love everything Bruce Wayne, then definitely add this into your collection!

Next up on our list of the best Batman gifts is a chess-set with a difference. This Batman Chess Set could have been forged in Arkham and is pretty wacky to look at.

The Warner Brothers licensed set is based on the cartoon Batman series of old and features the Joker and Harley Quinn, Batman and Batgirl, the Batmobile, and tonnes of other notable faces and objects from both the good and evil forces in Batman’s world.

The board is vibrant and a little like a mild panic attack too, definitely the jokers doing!

It doesn’t have the premium feel that you might get from some high-end chess pieces, but it’s a nice game to get people into chess.

If in doubt, blind them with nerdy superheroes that make things seem more fun.

best batman gifts - Lego Batwing

Admittedly, this LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batwing Displayable Model is a little pricey. Still, if you’re a fan of the 1989 Batman movie (and let’s face it, you should be if you’re reading this article), then this Lego model-building kit will be right up your street.

Want to guess how many pieces it is?

There are 2,363 pieces that make up the entire kit. Putting it together is no mean feat, but if you like building models, then it’ll be a dream come true.

It also comes with a Batman, Joker, and Boombox Goon figurine to complete the set.

Be the ultimate geek and show it off with pride at your next dinner party. Just keep it out of the way of the kids; this is a toy that certainly is not a toy… you know what I mean.

Of all the comics out there, Batman: Year One is more of the most finely crafted and well-thought out collections of all time.

It stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest comic book collections of our time and is a stunning read from start to finish.

As you might gather from the title, the book covers Batman’s first year fighting crime and the ups and downs he experiences along the way.

If you want to be the one that buys the most impressive gift, then get this in your shopping basket now.

I bet Bruce Wayne kicks back with a Whiskey at the end of the day after he’s finished locking up Falconi’s men or putting prisoners back into Arkham. Whether he uses Batman Whiskey Glasses remains to be seen, but I like to think he does.

The designs on these glasses are simple, but there incredibly effective and look the part.

Just grab your favourite whiskey, maybe from the Master Chief decanter in our list of the best Halo gifts, throw in a couple of ice cubes, and sit back while you ponder the days events.

Or, have one to hand while playing one of the best Batman games of all time. The choice is yours.

best batman gifts - Batman gauntlet

Thanos might have dibs on the coolest gauntlet in the universe, but this next entry in our best Batman gifts list is definitely a cool piece of kit.

Think of it as Thanos’ glove for Goths and Emos.

Just put the gauntlet on your hand and play over 15 phrase and sounds while you fight the Joker or Bane.

Move your hand to make sounds fly out of the gauntlet. It’ll actually sound like Bruce Wayne is kicking Gotham-scum into the dirt.

Twin it with the gift at Number 14 and become the ultimate superhero!

How incredibly cool is this Batman Transforming Batmobile Remote Control Car!

And yes, you read that right; this is a remote control car. It comes with a simple remote to move the Batmobile in all directions including spinning it around in a 360.

Then, when you want to launch into battle mode, just then the wheel on the front and watch as it pops up into an awesome attack module.

You can then use the remote control to fire discs at enemies while still controlling the car, all with Batman watching from on high.

Complete with lights and cool sound effects, this is one of the coolest Batman gifts I’ve ever seen. Does anyone want to buy me one?

best batman gifts - Batman and Superman figurine

This Batman And Superman Figurinet never fails to make me smile.

The pair already have a bit of a tenuous relationship as it is, but when you see how miserable Bruce is while being carried in the air, it really makes the whole thing worse and funnier at the same time.

Batman must be a little annoyed that he’s named after a creature that can fly when he can’t actually fly. You can see it in his face; he’s definitely sick of Clark Kent rubbing it in.

This figurine kind of sums up mine and Brandon’s friendship too. And yes, I’m definitely the Batman in this situation and none too happy about the fact either.

Next up on our list of the best Batman gifts is this swish TUBBZ DC Comics Batman Collectible Rubber Duck Figurine!

You guys know how much we love TUBBZ here at Retro Dodo Towers. They even made a duck that looks like Brandon for us, and they got his forehead perfectly sized too…

This Batman duck might not protect you from crime during bath time, but it’ll look funny floating about in the tub while you soak and scrub.

If you don’t want to use it and just keep it on display, then all TUBBZ come with protective display cases that look like baths.

I enjoy watching Batman and Sonic going head-to-head by the taps when I have a bath, but that’s just me.

We’ve already touched on Batman not being able to fly as well as Superman, but now you can send him into the skies with with this Batman Mini Helicopter.

He still doesn’t look that happy about it though, does he?

This light yet sturdy toy comes with a charger, a simple controller, and extra blades. It has hover info-red sensors too; an all round clever bit of kit!

Ok, so it’s not going to reach the stratosphere, but it might keep your pet budgie company for a little while.

best batman gifts - Lego batman cowl

Take a look at this epic LEGO Batman Cowl Building Set and tell me you wouldn’t like to open it up on your Birthday or Christmas morning.

This is definitely one for adults or kids with adult supervision as it’s quite fiddly and requires a little bit of thought and patience.

Both of which some might say I have in short supply…

With 410 bricks, it’s a nice little challenge for anyone who likes building and puzzle, and the end result is incredibly impressive.

At 22cm high it’s a fairly substantial piece too. Just be careful when dusting it; you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste!

I already look as muscly as Batman, so I don’t need to pretend by wearing this extremely soft Batman Comfy Throw.

Still, if you did want to look like Batman (or me), then this is a great gift for the gamer or movie lover that likes to chill back and get their Batman fix.

Some of these products end up looking a bit tacky, but this throw is the real deal. It’s a fun present and one that is guaranteed to bring a laugh every time it’s used too.

Best Batman gifts - Light up Pen

The 13th slot in our best Batman gifts list goes to the bane of teachers everywhere – the Batman Projector Pen.

Come on; have you ever seen a better stocking filler than this? It’s a practical gift and one that has a cool bat signal feature built into it.

I can’t think of a better way to make school more fun, can you?

This is an ace gift for fans of any age too. Imagine shining this on the wall in the office while having a meeting and not telling anyone where it had come from.

I guess if you’re wearing the next item in our article, however, then they might guess it’s come from you.

Who wouldn’t want to sound like Batman by wearing this Batman Voice Changing Helmet?

Maybe Bane, I guess? He’s got a pretty cool voice already, I suppose.

Look and sound like the Dark Knight with this helmet featured in the Justice League movie. The voice changer lets you talk like Batman, and there’s also a different setting that plays pre-recorded phrases.

Flip down the visor and it lights up too. Honestly, this is one of the coolest helmets ever and the perfect present for a kid of any age… even a 32-year-old one!

15. LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown

best batman gifts - Batman Tumbler Lego

The final item in our best Batman gifts article is possibly one of my favourites. I probably shouldn’t say that I’ve saved the best till last, but I’ve definitely saved the best till last.

The LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown kit brings the greatest Batmobile of our time to the stage.

Or more accurately, the floor or dining room table.

The Tumbler was an absolute beast. And, as it’s LEGO, you get to build it yourself.

Batman comes complete with an alternative ‘nightmare’ head, and there’s also a Scarecrow figure to plow down while you’re driving along.

This is one toy that I’m not even going to mad if you don’t play with it after building. It looks so good that it should be in a museum!

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