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2023’s best roguelike strategy game plans big free updates and DLC

If you’ve yet to play Against the Storm, you’re missing out. The dark fantasy city builder saw its full release in December 2023 following a year in early access on Steam and the Epic Games store, and it currently holds an impressive, ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 95% user rating on the Valve platform. We called it a “near-perfect roguelike strategy game” in our own review, and now developer Eremite Games and publisher Hooded Horse unveil their big plans for 2024, which include more free updates and the first Against the Storm DLC.

Our Against the Storm review labels it “a brilliant mix of roguelike, strategy, and small-scale city building that will hook you from the jump,” and it’s already won over the hearts of many of our team, with systems that are deep but approachable helping to make it one of my favorite strategy games in recent memory. Following its recent 1.1 update, Eremite Games has released its Against the Storm roadmap for 2024, with details on what’s to come.

First up will be free update 1.2, which will introduce new windows to help you track your city production and consumption trends more easily, along with upgrades for the Blight Post, your go-to defense against the troublesome Blight Rot. It’ll also include some new unique art for world events, and localization for Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

That’ll be followed later this year by free update 1.3, although the team isn’t yet ready to tell us what we can expect there. It does, however, share the ideas it’s currently exploring for the first Against the Storm DLC, which it says it is “committed to releasing later this year.” Currently on the cards are more playable species, an additional biome, and new buildings, events, perks, and orders – so pretty much a little of everything.

We’ll be sure to bring you news on when you can expect Against the Storm update 1.2 to arrive as soon as we have it. Until then, you can find it on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games store. It’s also included as part of Microsoft’s library for PC Game Pass subscribers, so if you’re one of those you can try it out at no additional cost.

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