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25 Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 SECRETS & EASTER EGGS

25 Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 SECRETS & EASTER EGGS

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20 days ago

Did the game devs know about MatPat's retirement before they release this chapter?

20 days ago

Привет никитун

20 days ago

I feel like his voice changed

20 days ago

the fun fact about the prototype, when u go back to chapter 2, when u listen to mommy long legs carefully what she says when she will get crushed, she says "You've Maded Me Part Of Him!", U May Ask, "Who?", The Prototype.

20 days ago

Fun fact: The player used to work in the factory.

Because in the pug a pillar game opening mommy long legs says " YOU USED TO WORK HERE "

20 days ago

Good imfo thx

20 days ago

The lemon: i always comeback

20 days ago

I know who catnap is

20 days ago

I know who catnap is

20 days ago

Wow I didn’t know Micheal Kodachrome was there:0

20 days ago

Catnap just looks creepy I have not slept good in DAYS BECAUSE OF THAT BIG PURPLE DEMON CAT

20 days ago

the thumbnail is fake, and matpat ain't leaving ok? he's just going to be behind the scenes, so you don't have to comment "WaAaAaAAA MaTpAt Is LeAvINg Us!!!!!!!111!1!!!!!!" like bro 💀

20 days ago

when life gives you lemons…

20 days ago

The voice actor of Catnap is Jaimen Youngblood

20 days ago


20 days ago


20 days ago


20 days ago

6:13 is that the tf2 logo

20 days ago

MOVIE?! What movie?!
We Will never forget you matpat

20 days ago

5:46 on the left to the trashcan we can see flowey the flower from undertale (idk if this is actually flowey or not,it just looks like him)

20 days ago

the lemon is actually a reference to a turkish youtuber in turkish lemon is spelled similarly to the death writing, "Limon"

20 days ago

limon 😀 also we will miss matpat

20 days ago

lemon = portal

20 days ago

I’m glad they added that nice little matpat secret it’s heart warming.