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2K rumoured to be partnering with FIFA following EA’s exit

Following a multi-decade long partnership, EA and FIFA parted ways in May of 2022 due to the football association wanting to increase its licensing costs for the FIFA brand. EA has since gone on to continue their football efforts solo with the rebranded EA sports FC series. According to one rumour, notable sports game publisher 2K might be looking to obtain the FIFA licence.

Known industry leaker Kurakasis (who previously reported on the likes of Sonic x Shadow Generations and Metro’s VR title), recently took to Twitter to post a tongue-in-cheek leak, saying “My favourite FIFA game, 2K2, oops, 2002 FIFA World Cup.”

Clarifying the post, Kurakasis later added that “To keep it simple: I don’t know if 2K is making a new FIFA game; it’s an old rumour. I wanted to tell you that LEGO 2K Goooal! announcement is right around the corner, and it’s planned to be released around EURO 2024. If 2K is making a new FIFA game, it’s possible that they will announce it around the time of the LEGO 2K Goooal! announcement/release.”

Following the announcement that EA and FIFA were parting ways, the football association revealed that they would not be leaving the industry behind, and would find a new partner to work with. If 2K is indeed set to acquire the licence, it would present an interesting challenge for EA – especially as these two publishers already have a grip on most of the sports market.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this rumour? Would you welcome a FIFA game from 2K? Will we see a return of the FIFA/PES-like rivalry from years ago? Let us know down below.

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