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3DS eShop Spotlight – Flipnote Studio 3D

Who made it?

The team at Nintendo EAD, known for all sorts of first-party Nintendo releases over the years.

What’s the premise?

Once again, it’s the Flipnote Studio application now in 3D. You create flipbook-style animations but there’s now also 3D features to make your illustrations pop.

What it lacks in the comprehensive art tool department it makes up for with approachable and surprisingly intuitive design that lets anyone create simple animations incredibly easily. Of course, some people go to incredible lengths to create masterpieces — and you can look forward to similarly impressive works in an upcoming Countdown.

Why should I play it?

It’s essentially free, provided you’ve got 200 Platinum Points and access to the My Nintendo Store. Your ability to share your work is limited thanks to the closure of other Flipnote-related online services, but there are other options to share the work created with this powerful little tool:

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