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50+ Upcoming Indie Games Announced in 2023 (Sorted by Genre)

There were a massive amount of game reveals and announcements during Summer Game Fest 2023 and I wanted to do my best to give as many of them as possible a spotlight. Shout out to all the amazing developers that shared their creations with us for the first, second, or even tenth time with us during this video game extravaganza. You’ve made a lot of people very excited. View all the games on my steam curator page at the link below.

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Cant Pause Indie SuperCut – 00:00
Action / Adventure – 00:13
Metroidvania – 00:58
RPG – 02:08
Horror / Psychological – 03:38
Sports-Inspired – 05:00
Souls-like / High Difficulty – 06:37
Cozy – 07:18
Puzzle – 08:06
Narrative / Adventure – 09:22
Bonus Games – 10:49

Music Featured:


Epic Hollywood Trailer

Motivational Epic Music / Inspiring Cinematic Background Music

Horror Trailer

Stomps Claps Drums

Epic Dramatic Action Trailer

Soft LoFi Beat


Emotional Inspiring Epic Trailer


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6 months ago

Please add Nuke Them all, our new upcoming indie RTS. "Nuke Them All" is an exciting indie RTS game set to launch in 2024, and we've already released the Demo. It's a unique game in the style of classic golden-era RTS titles like Z, KKND, and C&C Red Alert. The primary objective is to capture flags and territories, speeding up production, upgrading factories, and ultimately destroying the enemy fort!

Our demo is finally LIVE on steam

6 months ago

Hello, the indie game named Compass of Destiny: Istanbul, which is currently in early access, will be released as a full version on December 14, 2023. We would be happy if you include it on your channel. Thanks….

6 months ago

Currently chilling and immersed in a strange indie game involving chess, risk, monopoly, and a big array of war elements in a weird pre-apocalyptic scenario. Graphics isn't ultra-big, but the playability is damn depth and KRAZY good! R1sikoChess .Just to take a look, google it

6 months ago

It would be helpful if you could list the actual names of the games in the description instead of just the genre alone

6 months ago

Hundreds of games, millions of hours, only to go unnoticed by so many. Doing ABG's work out here, good work.

6 months ago

Interesting selection, thanks

6 months ago

i hope future videos only have the games sounds instead of random music on top.

6 months ago

Please consider showing "CODE Bunny" next time! is a Retro 2D Action Platformer with beautiful pixel art and catchy chiptune! The game is releasing THIS MONTH for PC on itchio!

6 months ago


6 months ago

i forgot the name of one indie game that released in 2022, It's was set in a world, where pollution and huge climate change has caused post apocalyptic world, The story is of a fox and it's cubs, who are the last of their family surviving, It was developed in Unreal Engine

6 months ago

Iā€™m looking forward to the last faith and Blasphemous 2

6 months ago

Do u know about the metroidvania where theres a girl can use elemental power such as fire ice earth its not released yet but idont remember its name

6 months ago

I see you becoming quite a big channel with that level of quality. Keep it up !

6 months ago

tnx for having us šŸ™‚

6 months ago

It seems I'm your first follower on Steam. šŸ˜®

6 months ago

Thanks for the compilation. The games I've had the most fun with in recent years are indie, so I appreciate getting an early heads up.

6 months ago

Another absolute banger of a video!

6 months ago

10:49 Thanks for featuring Super Space Club! I'm glad it spoke to you šŸ˜€
This is an excellent collection overall – so many dope games in such a short time!!!

6 months ago

I had played Crashlands a while back and really enjoyed it. Super hyped for the sequel! And Ive had my eyes on Hyper Light Breaker and god that game looks beautiful. Thanks for the showcase!

6 months ago

thanks for putting this together!! so many awesome games