Game Trailers 37


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All the new game announcements from Sony/PlayStation’s State of Play, new game trailers, Xbox news, Resident Evil rumors and more in a week full of gaming news.


Skydance’s Behemoth

Where Winds Meet re-reveal

Caravan SandWitch

Architect Life

Ballad of Antara

Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Infinity Nikki


Astro Bot (Sept 6th)

God of War Ragnarok on PC (sept 19th, PSN required)
Gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds

Silent Hill 2 release date October 8th

GTA6 on PC?

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 on Game Pass

RE remakes


Destiny 2 trailer

Crow Country

Nightmare Kart

Rogue Prince of Persia


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1 month ago

Sponsored by Ridge. Get up to 40% off during their Father's Day promo. Ends June 15. – and while you're here, be sure to let us know what games you're playing this week in this thread! 👇

1 month ago

The devs of dragon's dogma 2 could learn a thing or two about optimization from the dynasty warrior games.

1 month ago

Astrobot is cool 👍 for all ages.

1 month ago

Thanks guys, I about jumped out of my skin when whoever’s in the back said what at 2:20 thinking someone was in my room 😂😂

1 month ago

Microsoft does the same thing for there games you can’t play them unless you make an account why is this a problem now? A company wants to add more accounts it’s expected a soul for a soul

1 month ago

Can someone please explain why silent hill two is a remake before the original silent hill?

1 month ago

Im pretty hyped for MH: Wilds. The mount system is interesting. In World it was just an added convenience while Rise went all in with a partner as a mount. It'll be interesting to see what they do next with mounts looking like the central gimmick of this title.

1 month ago

I’m excited for astrobot but cannot be at least a bit disappointed no VR2 version.

1 month ago


1 month ago

So concord is just gonna be another LoL. I'd rather watch paint dry than see "vignettes" weekly. Fucking boomers

1 month ago

Holding on to a Blockbuster Video card is bananas! 😂

1 month ago


1 month ago

RIP GTA and GTA 2 Rockstar. You are missed.

1 month ago

The George Costanza wallet joke got me. Ridge should make a fun ad with it.

1 month ago

6:35 … yeah, too bad the 'female' isn't. They flogged her into 🤮zone with the fugly club.

1 month ago

They should remake the first RE. I know they have a remaster but a full remake.

1 month ago

Black Ops 6, let me guess: overrepresented african americans fighting caucasian nazi's?

1 month ago

GTA 6 not coming to PC is BS. I am not buying it two years after the hype is over.

1 month ago

Sony can kiss it on the PSN login I will not buy any more Sony games. I have been hacked twice because of their poor security practices. Never again.

1 month ago

world at war should be black ops 0

theres 7 in the series now

1 month ago

Falcon chiming missed camera op Jake..whoops sorry Falcon

1 month ago



1 month ago

Astrobot is awesome.

1 month ago

Jake was that a blockbuster card in your Ridge ad? Lol

1 month ago

I've been dying for a new Monster Hunter!!!!

1 month ago

Do not care – DO NOT PLAY COD

1 month ago

04:37 If they are clowning on you they never played any of the Astro's. To this day the best platformer I ever played on a modern PlayStation and that is saying a lot. I wish it had a VR update though.

1 month ago

Call of Duty Black ops 2 is next year

1 month ago

wrong again, it's June

1 month ago

So excited for Astro Bot!

1 month ago

I think black ops will remain as game pass games if this goes well and modern warfare will remain paid 60-70 dollar titles

1 month ago


1 month ago

astro bot design is generic? we need MORE of astro bot's design imo!!

1 month ago

Sad that the closest thing we’ve gotten to a new Jak and Daxter sequel in like 15+ years is a level in a Astro Bot game

1 month ago

This Sony 'overwatch' looks neat. Community engagement sets great games, with replay value, apart from good games, without. But, generally, I've grown cynical of pvp. I realized the reasons I play games don't really align with needing to be better than somebody else at them. Old gamers like their single player adventures for story, world, and characters. I loved dishonored because it pushed me to play smarter to get the platinum, that's my kind of game.

1 month ago

Dislike the console first and PC years later approach

1 month ago

Jake Ballsackdino