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8 Best Auto Battler Games to Play if You Like Auto Chess Gameplay

Test your strategic prowess with these auto chess games!

Whether you’re an experienced strategist or a casual gamer, there’s a genre that appeals to everyone: auto chess. The gameplay involves placing units on a battlefield grid and observing them engage in combat against opposing forces. Although it sounds simple, mastering all the mechanics takes time.

These titles have changed over the years, introducing different settings, varied unit rosters, and new elements while retaining the basic formula. Are you ready to explore some of the best auto battler games? Read on to see our top picks!

What are the best auto battler games?

In our selection of the best auto battler games, we’ve included a mix of timeless favorites and recent additions, ensuring there’s something for every player. You won’t be disappointed with our recommendations!

Super Auto Pets

If you’re new to this subgenre, Super Auto Pets might be your go-to option. With cutesy cartoon-style graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay, it’s a perfect starting point for beginners. It’s also completely free to play, so you can have a taste of the genre and see if it’s to your liking.

In this game, you form a team of adorable animals and fight against other players. Hone your skills in Arena mode, which features relaxed, asynchronous multiplayer with no timers. Test yourself in Versus mode, with its fast-paced, synchronous battles that require quick decision-making. Overall, Super Auto Pets stands out as one of the top casual PC games available.

Just King

If online skirmishes aren’t your cup of tea, Just King may be the autobattle RPG for you. Here, you build a team of four from a roster of 33 distinctive heroes and set out to confront formidable regents. Each character not only has a unique appearance but also uses a different fighting style. Some specialize in melee combat, while others possess magical abilities. Success depends on effectively combining their synergies, especially during boss fights.

However, you better watch out. Some areas are filled with hazards, such as poisonous plants, making your quest even more challenging.

Hero’s Hour

Next up in our lineup of auto battle games is Hero’s Hour, inspired by the classic Heroes of Might and Magic III. As you play, you navigate a procedurally generated world, engage in skirmishes with enemies, and gather resources. But that’s not all, as you’re also tasked with building a town and growing an army.

Exploration and management operate on a turn-based system, giving you room to strategize your actions. Clashes unfold in real time, requiring you to think on your feet. The game even features local hot-seat multiplayer, so you and your buddies can relive the good old days.

Legion TD 2

There’s no way of assembling the list of the best auto battler games without including Legion TD 2. This title has an interesting backstory. It’s actually the sequel to one of the most popular mods for Warcraft III. It started with early access in 2017 and has been growing ever since. What’s neat is that the player community remains active, so newcomers don’t have to worry about empty servers.ย 

The game lets you participate in 2v2 or 4v4 matches, where you build an army to protect your king from the opposing team. Each unit has unique skills and strengths, and understanding how they interact is crucial to winning! However, you can’t control them directly, so positioning is everything.


Mechabellum is a blast to play, even though it’s still among the Steam Early Access games. You’re in for a treat, especially if you enjoy sci-fi themes. The gameplay centers on intense PvP confrontations, where you lead an army of mechs. You have a diverse selection of units to choose from, including agile light aircraft and slower yet immensely powerful machines.

To win matches, you must carefully compose your legion, ensuring that each mech complements the others. If you’re new to the game, practicing against AI opponents is an excellent way to start before facing real players. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the top games with auto battle.

Hadean Tactics

Blending roguelike and deck-building elements, Hadean Tactics sets itself apart from the other auto chess games in our selection. If you’re seeking something fresh, yet similar to the acclaimed Slay the Spire, it might just hit the spot. When playing, you mostly traverse a procedurally generated map, taking foes along the way.

At the beginning of each run, you select one of the available heroes with their own distinct decks. You can unlock more variants as you progress, encouraging you to experiment with your playstyle. You also have the option to create your own character according to your preferences. With its tremendous replayability, this game will hook you for hours on end.

Teamfight Tactics (Included with Game Pass)

For fans of the League of Legends universe, Teamfight Tactics is surely the best auto chess game. Its gameplay mechanics mirror other picks on the list, so seasoned players will instantly wrap their head around it. You progressively build your team, gather items, and wrecking your opponents.

Battles take place in multiple separate arenas rather than on a single expansive map with all players. Additionally, the game supports cross-platform play, allowing you and your friends to compete against each other regardless of whether they’re playing on PC or mobile devices. On top of that, it’s free to play, which is a huge advantage. Give this mode a try if you ever need a break from League.

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Dota Underlords

Concluding our collection of auto chess games, we have Dota Underlords. Like other titles in this genre, its gameplay involves forming a team and taking down other players. Rather than controlling heroes directly, you position them on a map, introducing a strategic dimension where maximizing character synergies becomes crucial.

It offers various modes, including co-op, where you can join forces with a friend against AI enemies. And if you ever find yourself in a place with a poor internet connection, you can engage in offline skirmishes.

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In your opinion, what is the best auto chess game out there? Do you enjoy this genre? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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