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A First Look at the Zoochosis Gameplay Trailer…

We take a sneak peek into the new Zoochosis gameplay trailer!

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This is your first night shift as a zookeeper. You find out that some animals are infected and turning into mutants. Save them and save yourself. Unravel the mystery of the zoo. Choose wisely. Your choices will determine your ending.


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23 days ago

I personally think that you should do a face revel pleeeeeeeeese?!?!

23 days ago

I'm guessing the guy that was lowered into the meat grinder is future you. Meaning that was probably the prior zookeeper that you now have the job of and depending on the choices you make that could also be you at the end 😮

23 days ago

Meat => It looks like a person wrapped up in cloth with belts holding them (it might be Taco, better go rescue him). Ooops to late.

23 days ago

I was so hoping you would do this game even if it's just a traielr reaction!!!!! Can't wait for you to play it!!!

23 days ago

Day one of asking fooster to play grounded with Fisk and maybe taco it is a great survival game where you are shrunk in a back yard playing as one of 4 teenagers it’s a great game

23 days ago

Scape and Run be like:

23 days ago

You know, that so-called meat looked suspiciously like a human body…this does look interesting and scary too 😝

23 days ago

Hey Foster I love are your video games Iam joining washing that in you are funny in make me laugh good work❤👍👍👍👍👍

23 days ago

4:48 that WAS the last zooceaper

23 days ago

Nice video when is your next video

23 days ago

What if the animals are infected. But the "food" you give them helps keep them stable. To where the company can identify what is going on with them. Like you said, if the variant or percentage is off, it can rapidly change or slow it down.

23 days ago

Is it on console?

23 days ago

I can't wait until the game comes out so I can hear Fooster Scream saying "Oh My Goodness". I love that. Best of love to you Fooster. Keep up the great work. You keep us entertained with your videos. Thank you.

23 days ago


23 days ago

Give us more project castaway gameplay fooster. We all want it badly and maybe bring Fisk in

23 days ago

metro exodus Please👍🇮🇶

23 days ago

I can't wait to see your reactions to playing the game but I have noticed a certain lack of someone who you tend to play with. Where is fisk fooster?

23 days ago

what is your outro music?, i need it, please, it sounds so cool

23 days ago

How exited you are feeling fooster?

23 days ago

fooster how you played five nights at freddys if not give it a try its a game

23 days ago

Tbh. Itd make sense of the people you lower into tje meat grinder are like. Terrible people. You know, the people we all wanna give the woodchipper treatment

23 days ago

FOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSTTTTEEEEEERRRRR pls answer this and 23th video (day 53, 1 month and 22 days) of asking you to play 7 Days to Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes guys if your wondering if this symbol '!!!!' i type it the amount that (23th video) LIKE IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT I TYPE '!!!!' EACH TIME PLUS 1 SO NOW THERES 23 AND IN THE NEXT VIDEO THERES GONNA BE 24, YOU CAN COUNT THEM

and fooster pls answer this so i know your not ignoring me and bring fisk when your gonna play the game pls and thx

This was not long to type (what am i even saying right now)

23 days ago

Fooster as i gave your buddy Fisk some little money, now it is your turn. Can't give much but it is a token of my appreciatieon as you two got me through some low times in my life

23 days ago


23 days ago

That thing that you put in the meat grinder looks human

23 days ago

I would love to watch you play this game!! It looks like the nightmares I used to have about spiders 😂

23 days ago

This game description says its this guys first day on the job and this man is treating all of this like a normal tuesday.

23 days ago

In know from The Owl House, Giraffe are demons but they where kicked out from the Demon World because they are just scary and creeps. In my opinion maybe all this time they are just democratic animals living and taking over are home!

This game looks great, be cool if it's multiplayer!

23 days ago

4:54 and they are alive too!