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A Formerly Canceled Fallout Title Has Been Reborn Via Modders

Modding, modding never changes…

There are many misconceptions about the modding community that should be dispelled. It’s easy to look at certain Bethesda games, for example, and see that modders just like to make things that will make the game hilarious or more epic. You know, like turning a dragon into “Macho Man” Randy Savage or Thomas the Tank Engine. Or, going into a certain spacefaring title and making it actually playable since the developer wouldn’t do that. However, modders also create their own meaningful games and content based on lost ideas or code. The Fallout has proven this, as a team brought back to life a game from the original team that had been long since canceled.

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You see, while Bethesda made it popular, they weren’t the creators of Fallout. The original team, Interplay, made the “Wasteland,” an isometric-style RPG that resonated with a lot of people well before Bethesda made it 3D and open world. There was originally going to be a 3rdtitle by the OG team that was put under the name “Van Buren.” Some modders got that code and were able to completely recreate the title!

They used the modding engine for the second game to build it from the ground up, so players could see one version of how it might’ve turned out. The team at PJ & Co were behind it, and labeled the game “Fallout Yesterday,” and have uploaded it to Nexus Mods for people to play for free!

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Granted, due to the modding engine and the abilities they had, it doesn’t have the fully expansive or customizable experience that one would expect from these games, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it! It’s a free RPG that takes you back to the series roots; what could be better than that?

Well, we know the answer to that, as fans have been wondering when the next mainline entry from Bethesda will come around. That goes double when you remember that the Amazon Prime adaptation of the series was a massive hit, and they’ve already ordered a second season of the show. Bethesda is well aware of the fan outcry for the new game, but they also know that recent events and titles they’ve dropped haven’t been the “most quality” or fan-beloved. As such, they know that they must take a quality approach to things and not just do things like they have before.

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We’ll be back in the wasteland eventually, so you might want to try this mod to pass the time.

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