A gorgeous new Stray trailer showcases the adventures of a cat in a crumbling robot city

Stray, an action-adventure tale of a cat trapped inside a glowing cyber-world, was announced with a “stunning” trailer at Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event in 2020. During today’s Annpurna Interactive online showcase, we got a closer look at that strange (and, yes, stunning) game world, and how you—as a cat—will survive, move through, and ultimately escape from it.

The new video digs deeper into the mechanics of the game: As an injured cat, separated from your family, you’ll maneuver through a forgotten, run-down, and very dangerous city, solving simple puzzles and discovering mysteries as you go. As grimy, crumbling urban environs go, it looks fairly conventional at first, but it soon becomes clear that this is definitely not the world we live in. And while you, as a cat, are relatively defenseless at first, you’ll make friends and pick up new abilities and equipment that will enable you to interact with the world in more varied ways—including the ability to put up some offense when the situation gets sticky.

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