A mysterious ‘third party’ forbidding an embattled studio from bringing an essential Star Wars mod to consoles has left the dev fending off a gamer class action lawsuit

As reported by Axios, developer Aspyr has argued that a class action lawsuit brought against it over the cancellation of a Restored Content DLC for the Nintendo Switch version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords should be dismissed. The DLC was announced in June of 2022 before getting canceled after a year of radio silence, with Aspyr offering customers a free game to make amends.

Aspyr has been in the news recently as the original developer of the Knights of the Old Republic 1 remake, which was taken off the developer’s hands for unknown reasons and now seems to be in limbo. Before that, Aspyr cut its teeth on ports of classic LucasArts Star Wars games to modern consoles and PC storefronts. The company was behind the Steam version of KotOR 2 in 2012, and released the Nintendo Switch port at issue here ten years later.

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