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A New Corpse Party Game Is Creeping Onto Switch This Autumn

Those who are easily scared might want to look away for a moment because the cult-classic Japanese horror series, Corpse Party, is once again getting creepy on Switch as Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion brings the chills this Autumn (or ‘Fall,’ if you’d rather).

Published by Marvelous Europe (XSEED in North America) and developed by MAGES, Darkness Distortion looks set to contain all of your standard scares. There’s a creepy old hospital, a spooky legend and a decades-old curse to deal with as you try your best to help three high school friends survive the night.

You will be able to freely explore the dark corners of this creepy hospital in either third- or first-person across six chapters each complete with a variety of “wrong endings” — gulp.

Alongside the expected digital version, Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion will be landing a physical release on Switch for €49.99 (or your regional equivalent. Pre-orders for this edition will be available soon.

The last Corpse Party game that we looked at on Switch was 2019’s Blood Drive, a title where the biggest scares came from its visual inconsistencies. Let’s hope that this next one can improve things a little bit, eh?

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