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A3: Still Alive’s integration of the Inetrium blockchain technology is now complete

A few weeks ago, Netmarble announced the addition of the studio’s blockchain technology to the dark fantasy world of A3: Still Alive. This integration is now complete and players can take advantage of the new utility token – Inetrium. Check out what players can expect with the introduction of the first blockchain ecosystem in Netmarble’s titles below.

Inetrium makes use of Netmarble’s in-house currency MBX. In A3: Still Alive, players can collect Inetrium by gathering Inetrium Ore that can be found in the new Inetrion Dungeon, available to those above level 190. Entry to the dungeon requires the Feather of Protection and all mined ore can be refined to yield Inetrium coins.

Inetrium can then be exchanged for MBX, which can be used outside the game as well. This, however, is possible only once MBX Wallet services are activated in the future. Netmarble has assured players that it will not sell these coins to the public. Everyone can currently pre-register for the Alive x Earn event on its dedicated website and they stand to earn numerous rewards like Blue Diamonds x1000, Ancient Ring Chest x1, Ancient Necklace Chest x1, Ancient Earrings Chest x1, Superior Feather of Protection x5, Gold x5,000,000, and Heroic 7-star Guaranteed Soulstar x1.

The upcoming update features some more content for players to enjoy. The new Inetrion Express Pass unlocks at level 190 and must be used to enter the Inetrium dungeon. Premium Pass holders will receive an additional bonus in the form of Combat Power of 4.3M, equipment, Soul Linkers, and exclusive accessories. At level 200, the Holy Artifact Growth System will allow players to equip items that boosts certain stats.

Download A3: Still Alive on the App Store and Google Play and prepare to mine some Inetrium. The game is free-to-play and features in-app purchases.

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