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Access Demiplane’s Marvel Multiverse RPG Digital Companion For Free For A Limited Time

Demiplane is a company creating digital TTRPG tools for a variety of your favorite game systems including Pathfinder 2e, Vampire: The Masquerade, and recently released Candela Obscura. One of their popular tools is for Marvel Multiverse RPG allowing fans of Marvel and TTRPG to not only read content digitally but to also be able to create and manage their character sheets.

With the release of The Cataclysm of Kang, the first official adventure for the Marvel Multiverse RPG Demiplane is offering all users access to the full Marvel Nexus Digital Companion for free from today until November 21st.

Those interested in checking out any of these Marvel Multiverse characters will be able to select from the 192 available pre-generated characters from Abomination to Wrecker. Fans can also create their own characters from scratch to roleplay in the Marvel universe of superheroes and supervillains.

Demiplane’s Character Builder is designed to take players through the character creation process while also teaching them the fundamentals of playing the game. Once the character sheet has been created additional information from each of the fields can also be accessed.

In talking with Peter Romenesko, CEO of Demiplane, he explained that with Demiplane’s Character Creation Tools, they hope to make sure players new to systems are able to understand what they’re doing as they’re creating the character.

He also highlighted that whether you’re playing across the table from your friend or across the world these tools can assist whether it be as a resource to look information up or to have a computer or tablet in front of you to reference in the game.

Romenesko also clarified that while the free period lasts until November 21st any character you make at that time, whether it be a pre-generated hero like Spider-Man or Loki, or a character that’s wholly your own you will retain access to that character sheet after the free period is over.

If you do remove any features from your character that are from content that you don’t own you won’t be able to re-add it, but anything that you do have access to, like the free playtest guide, can be added to your character sheet.

The Cataclysm of Kang is a new adventure that introduces 62 new Marvel Heroes and Villains to the Marvel Multiverse RPG, on top of characters there are also a variety of vehicles that have been added to the game. This campaign is set up to be a six-chapter-long adventure that takes you from your friendly neighborhood all the way to facing off against Kang, a multiversal threat.

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