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Activision hints at premium Call of Duty content for 2023

Back in February, Bloomberg reported that Activision planned to delay Call of Duty‘s 2023 entry, which is thought to be developed by Treyarch. This would be the first time that the yearly Call of Duty cycle will be broken. However, as spotted by PCGamesN, Activision has now hinted that premium Call of Duty content could be in thee works for 2023 after all.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch on October 28. The worldwide reveal showed off members of Task Force 141, including Captain Price. Shortly after, some gameplay was shown off in the form of a campaign mission. Having two years of Modern Warfare 2 rather than one would hopefully allow the developers to spend more time improving the game. At the same time, the bugs and glitches that have been plaguing Vanguard since launch could be avoided.


Activision hints at new premium Call of Duty content in development for 2023

In Activision’s Q2 earnings meeting, you can learn all about the figures. There is also an interesting statement about what we could see next year. Activision outlines that there is “continuing development of new premium content planned for 2023.” The annual Call of Duty release is usually referred to as premium, because you have to pay for the game.

Fans have been speculating what the premium Call of Duty content could be, if it doesn’t consist of a new title. It could be the leaked DMZ mode, which was recently revealed that it won’t be a free to play mode as initially thought. In addition, if there are no Zombies in Modern Warfare 2, Activision could have plans for that mode in the future.

As it’s still early, it will probably be a while until we hear anything official about what Activision could have in store for Call of Duty fans in 2023. After all, we are still waiting on the Modern Warfare 2 beta and multiplayer reveal.

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