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Aether Gazer has just released version 1.3 – Shadow Under Convallaria featuring a new storyline and characters

Yostar has just released a major content update for the anime-themed mobile ARPG, Aether Gazer. Titled version 1.3 – Shadow under Convallaria, the patch introduces a brand new storyline to the game as well as multiple new limited-time events, modifiers, skill chains, and a whole host of rewards.

The Shadow Under Convallaria update sees the Society of Muses, Hera, deliver the fifth Ardisis Ceremony invitation on behalf of the Omorfies. Of course, that’s just an ulterior motive as the actual plan is to investigate the mysterious Novich traces.

Aether Gazer is sending the Administrator and Ver to join the Ardisis Ceremony and poke around. The city has already reported numerous thefts and several people are losing their belongings. The goal is to find the mastermind behind these crimes before they get out of control.

Want to know what characters will be best suited to tackle this mission? Then take a look at this Aether Gazer tier list!

Players will have until October 10th to participate in this event, which will also feature additional activities and challenges such as Rhyming Resonance, Scrolls in the Dream, Dance of Battle, Lost One’s Theatre, Autumn Fortune, and Storm and Farce.

All these events will allow players to participate in a wide variety of game modes, each offering unique rewards. Some of the goodies include the Elegant Snooze outfit for Ryugiri – Kagutsuchi, Shifted Stars, Ain Soph Coins, and Sigil Module T3. A bunch of other freebies can be obtained through a weeklong login event.

Meanwhile, three new modifiers have also joined the game. Two of them belong to the S-Grade, Pupper Master Hades and Flowfly Mist Shut. Drowsie Oneiroi is the third one and is an A-Grade Modifier. As for the skill chains, the former two will be able to make use of Fantoccini Fancy and Lightning Shock, which will decimate the opposition’s armies.

Check out the new update by downloading Aether Gazer now for free.

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