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Against the Storm Roadmap Revealed, Next Major Update Coming in March

Eremite Games and Hooded Horse have rolled out an official post-launch Against the Storm roadmap, showing what’s coming to the city-builder in the next few months.

Over on Steam, Eremite says it doesn’t want to leave players “in the dark”, hence the release of a roadmap leading up to the game’s first major DLC.

We don’t get a release date or window for that DLC, but we do get an idea of what’s coming in Update 1.2, which is scheduled to land in March, according to the developers.

Against the Storm Update 1.2 is bringing some improvements to make your gameplay experience a little smoother.

Eremite says the “big headline feature” of Update 1.2 will be the new Production and Consumption Trends window, which will let you see a resource history graph spanning the last 30 minutes, as well as a 5-minute “latest” graph.

Other changes include an upgrade and new visual model for the Blightpost, as well as new unique art for Against the Storm‘s World Events.

Following that update, another will arrive, conveniently titled Update 1.3. After that, it’s the DLC, which doesn’t have a name yet but which will bring a new species, a new biome, and lots more when it does land.

Naturally, this roadmap doesn’t include the many balance changes and tweaks that will also accompany each update, as they’re likely too numerous to mention.

A village with a shrine-like building at its center in Against the Storm
There’s lots of stuff coming in Against the Storm‘s future.

Today also saw the release of Against the Storm Patch 1.1.6, which brings some big bug fixes and tweaks that should help to optimize your gameplay experience. You can check out the full patch notes here.

If you haven’t come across Against the Storm before, it’s a fantasy city-builder in which you lead a cast of diverse races to try and rebuild civilization after “apocalyptic rains” scorch the earth.

Following a successful Early Access period, the game was released in full in December last year, and it looks like Eremite and Hooded Horse are in it for the long haul, which is encouraging.

You can grab Against the Storm right now on PC via Steam. Not sure whether it’s for you? Check out our very own Tanushri Shah’s review to find out what you might be missing out on. 

If you have taken the plunge, be sure to check out our Against the Storm guides to help you survive in the game’s rain-soaked world.

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