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Age of Mythology Retold preorders are now open on Steam and Xbox

Learn all about Age of Mythology Retold, including the release date, price, and more.

Suppose you’re a fan of RTS strategy games, mythology, the Age of Empires series, or a combination of all three. In that case, check out this upcoming remake of the 2002 strategy game from the developers of AoE. It promises updated graphics, improved mechanics, and more. If this piques your interest and makes you want to preorder Age of Mythology Retold, read on for all the necessary information.

What is the Age of Mythology Retold release date?

The Age of Mythology Retold release date is scheduled for September 4, 2024, so it’s three months until launch. While you wait, check out our list of the best strategy games that will help you pass the time in a fun way.

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Where to preorder Age of Mythology Retold?

 You can preorder Age of Mythology Retold on Steam or the Microsoft Store. If you choose the Microsoft Store, you’ll be able to play on both your console and PC without needing to purchase separate copies!

The Age of Mythology Retold price is set at $29.99, which is quite reasonable for a 2024 release. However, finding a deal would be even better. Check out the available offers below.

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What’s included in Age of Mythology Retold Premium Edition?

If you’re open to spend a bit more, consider getting the Premium Edition. Despite its higher cost, it offers additional benefits. Its contents include:

  • Base Game
  • Up to 7 Days Early Access
  • New Gods Pack: Freyr
  • Legacy Deity Portraits Pack
  • Expansion 1
  • Expansion 2

If you’re not content with the current Age of Mythology Retold price, you have the option to set up a price alert. Simply click on the bell icon in one of the widgets above and customize your preferences. Once the price meets your specified criteria, you’ll receive a notification via email or browser. This eliminates the need to scour the internet for deals.

Are there any Age of Mythology Retold preorder bonuses?

Unfortunately, if you pre-purchase the Standard Edition, you won’t get any Age of Mythology Retold preorder bonuses. But if you go for the Premium Edition, you’ll enjoy perks like up to 7 days of early access.

Is Age of Mythology Retold coming to Game Pass?

Age of Mythology Retold will be available on Game Pass from its launch day! This is fantastic news for XGP subscribers who want to try out new releases without making a purchase. If you’re interested in joining, you can take a look at the top deals for a 1-month membership below.

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Are you excited about the upcoming Age of Mythology Retold release? Are you looking forward to this remake? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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