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Alan Wake 2’s Sam Lake wants to make a “crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy”

Alan Wake 2 creator, Sam Lake, has revealed that he’s always wanted to tell a “crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy”.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Lake admitted that whilst the development of cult horror game Alan Wake was difficult in the shadows of Max Payne – “the curse of the second album”, as Lake describes it – there are still other worlds outside of Alan Wake, Max Payne, and Control he would like to entertain us with.

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“Would I ever do anything else?” he asks. “Yeah. I’m still thinking that I will. There will be a time when I retire. It’s just that… this has all been so engaging.”

As for the stories he still wants to tell?

“One was this crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy, which I haven’t used for anything yet…”

Breaking down Alan Wake 2’s visuals, Digital Foundry said: “From a visual perspective though, Alan Wake 2 is an extraordinary effort. On current-gen consoles, there’s not much that can rival the incredible density of detail and fine-grained lighting on display here.

“That’s not to say there aren’t issues, and performance does need some additional work, but it’s hard to say that Alan Wake 2 is anything other than a superb-looking release. For players who like survival horror, and want to experience some of the best technology deployed so far this generation, it’s an easy recommendation.”

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