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All 53 CONFIRMED returning Pokemon so far for Pokemon Legends Z-A! We also have new datamines to take a look at too for the upcoming Pokemon game! Let’s go over all of the latest information and details for Pokemon Legends Z-A!

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Pokemon Legends Z-A:
Pokemon Legends Z-A, a new Pokemon Legends game based in the Kalos region, has just been announced! A new adventure awaits within Lumiose City, where an urban redevelopment plan is underway to shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon. Please look forward to seeing it for yourself.​​

Pokemon Legends Z-A has just been announced! On this channel you will find Pokemon news about the new Pokemon games, Rumors & Leaks for Pokemon Legends Z-A, Reactions to new trailers and much more! We’ll be keeping you up to date with everything to do with Pokemon so make sure to stick around to hear all of the latest news!


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1 month ago

What are your thoughts on all of the confirmed returning Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Z-A? Let me know!
Let's try for 500 likes!

1 month ago

The fact that I feel like Pokémon is making the game as though it’s a parallel universe-like vibes is awesome! Have anyone thought of how the game itself look like the movie Tron legacy…. A mirror universe! And that random symbol mentioned looks like a mirror like universe, if you draw a line horizontal across it, it looks like the top part is luminous city sky line and then the bottom part like exactly like the top

1 month ago

I think it can be safely assumed that all gen 6 pokémon are going to be in the game, and possible all the pokémon with mega evolutions, but might as well mention the ones I saw in the trailer;

-I'm almost entirely sure I didn't notice any barboach or whiscash in the trailer, but I know for a fact that there were Skrelp in the water;
-I think there was a Tentacool BARELY visible underwater as well, specifically under the Gyarados and Magikarp. I only figured it was a tentacool because of the two bubble orb things on it's head;
-There's a female Meowstic walking with a trainer in the background of the Aegislash and Sylveon fight. Might be hard to catch because it's white;
-Heracross and Pinsir are quite visible in the trailer, so I find it kind of odd they weren't in that list;
-I'm very sure Pangoro and Pancham can be seen in the trailer very briefly near the end, but just look odd because they're shown as white. Pangoro a fair bit behind the Bellsprout, and Pancham is the small little white Pokémon walking away from the camera after the Onix.
-There's an Ariados clinging on to the side of a building as the camera is flying into the plaza;
-A Noivern and Noibat can be seen very briefly flying in the top right corner around that same time;
-In that plaza, before the camera flies up too high, you can see what I'm almost sure is a Tyranitar next to a Pyroar; Could be a Kangashkan instead, but assuming that the colour of the pokémon are based pokedex colour (or sometimes type), then it's more likely to be a Tyranitar.

Also, "Zet A" is probably just supposed to be their japanese way of spelling/pronouncing "Zed A", like how loan words tend to be pronounced a bit differently in different languages (Like how "Idol" is written "Aidoru")

1 month ago

I think that all this information is very interesting I’m glad that 5 of Ash’s Pokemon are confirmed to be in the game and I’m still holding out hope that a new game will be announced for this year later on.

1 month ago

hopefully we get nidoking🤞🏻

1 month ago

thats pathetic to even get excited about this., they should have all 1000+ pokemon in every game they make

1 month ago

@hdvee bloodmoon eeveelution ?????

1 month ago

I really hope that we can just bring in already Pokémon that are 100 into the game and not have to use level 1 Pokémon again.

1 month ago

I mean pokemon stole the Mega evolution from Digimon pokemon running out of ideas so they got to copy other. I was mostly a digimon fans back in the 90's because pokemon was not cool like digimon .

1 month ago

Gen 5 Audino Mega

1 month ago

It would've been great if the Zet A was interpreted as Zeta when it was transferred over to the English versions. Zeta's symbol as an uppercase letter in the Greek alphabet is a 'Z', which would've fit in nicely with 'X' and 'Y'.

1 month ago

If the “urban redevelopment plan” is similar to the Paris redevelopment plan in the 1800s we are looking at a timeline possibly set around the same time as Arceus.

Curious about how this is going to work. A Kalos set game definitely came from nowhere. But makes sense considering how that Gen has been ignored since X/Y, didn’t even get a 3rd installment/sequel like the others.

Regarding starters, I’d say it will be the Kalos trio, or else a combo of previous starters like Arceus did. Personally I’d like to see ya get a starter that isn’t a traditional starter, like Rioulu or Litleo or the elemental monkeys (who aren’t currently on the switch).

1 month ago

I saw pinsir and heracross in the trailer in the scene after the aegislash and sylveon battle

1 month ago

They forgot goldduck and Psyduck.

There in EVERY game its not a stretch

1 month ago

I hated the dex in arceus I never completed it hope it is not the same in this game

1 month ago

If legends Z-A has the same pokemon as xy. I know my team already but might change

Here is my team

1 month ago

The globe in the terrarium was our hint the green the hexagons looking like zys scales

1 month ago

2:28 so, dragonitenite confirmed?

1 month ago

I bet they took 10 minutes out of the presents, because leakers had them right and it was games for johto and unova. They will give us that 10 minutes back in may or june as another presents once we stop talking about it.

1 month ago

What if we got a gen 2 or gen 5 remake announced with the switch 2 which maybe why the Pokemon presents was so short this year?

1 month ago

so we are done with scarlet and violet and where’s the monkey legendary

1 month ago

Gyarados and magikarp should be showing up too, they were in the trailer, though at least Gyarados was