All Battle Studies Class Answers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon battles entail more than simply attacking. There are several statistics to consider, as well as other aspects. You can learn about this as students at the academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here we’ll give you the answers for all of the questions in Battle Studies Class, including those for the midterm and final exams. 

All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies Class Answers

Ms. Dendra has six classes with one question each and two exams. There are three classes before the Midterm Exam and three more before the Finals Exam.

  • Question: There are two categories that attack moves can fall under. Know what they are?
    • Answer: Physical moves and special moves.
  • Question: This Cheer restores HP for all ally Pokemon. What do you think it is?
  • Question: If the Pokemon you’re battling puts up its Tera Shield, what should you do?
    • Answer: Terastallize and attack it.
  • Question: Does anyone have any questions so far?
    • Answer: Any answer will do.
  • Question: To create TMs; you need Pokemon materials and one other thing. Anyone remember what that is?
  • Question: Which rule set should you pick if you want to use a lower-level Pokemon and keep its level low?

Battle Studies Midterm Exam Answers

After the first three classes, the Midterm Exam will begin. Below are the answers to the questions.

  • Question: The higher a Pokemon’s Sp. Def, the less damage it takes from _____ attacks.
  • Question: Which of the following has no effect on a move’s damage?
    • Answer: The move’s name.
  • Question: How many Trainers are on a Tera Raid Battle team?
  • Question: What is an effective method for breaking an opponent’s Tera Shield?
    • Answer: Terastallizing and attacking.
  • Question: What is Ms. Dendra’s favorite type?

Battle Studies Final Exam Answers

After three more classes, the Final Exam will start. Below are the questions and their answers.

  • Question: Which cheer boosts Attack and Sp. Atk for all allies during a Tera Raid Battle?
  • Question: What do we call the battles that Pokemon sent out with the R Button to do on their own?
  • Question: How should you obtain LP?
    • Answer: Exchange materials.
  • Question: High-level Pokemon are adjusted to what level when using Flat Rules in Link Battles?
  • Question: When using Normal Rules in Link Battles, you can use multiple Pokemon of the same species and multiples of the same held item.

Now that you know all of the answers, you’ll easily ace Battle Studies class with Ms. Dendra. You’ll have plenty of tactics and tips under your belt to make all of your ‘mon more powerful and effective in battle. For more guides and answers, head over here to our Scarlet and Violet hub

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