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All items in Content Warning explained

If you want to get the most Spooktube views and make the most money from ad revenue in the new cooperative horror game Content Warning, then you’ll need to purchase equipment to improve your videos.

Just like in Lethal Company, however, it can be hard to tell what exactly a certain item is used for. When basic utilities like flashlights are as expensive as they are, it’s hard to find the courage to blow $100 on something silly like the Hugger. What do the items in Content Warning actually do, and which ones are worth the money?

What Does Each Item Do in Content Warning?

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There aren’t too many complicated items in Content Warning, and you can tell what most of them do at first glance. Everything in the Lights category is just a different version of a flashlight, for example, and they get brighter as they get more expensive.


The Medical tab has two very important items: the Hugger and the Defibrillator. The Hugger is the only way to heal in Content Warning, allowing you to hug your friends to top off their HP. The Defibrillator, as you might expect, allows you to revive fallen teammates if they have an unlucky encounter with a monster. Make sure to get footage of their corpse for some extra views, though.


In the Gadgets section, you’ll find tools that will improve your videos and help you get more views. The Boom Mic will amplify the audio of anything that you point it at, getting you more overall views. The Clapper lets you make a funny clapping sound that will drive your friends crazy. It also gets you more views if it’s in your video. The Goo Ball is a sticky grenade that you can throw to slow down monsters, perfect for capturing some stable, steady footage. Finally, the Shock Stick is a melee weapon that lets you defend yourself from creatures.


The two Emote tabs are self-explanatory. Purchasing emotes will let you dance and do backflips, among other things. Performing an emote on camera should get you more views, but we’re not too sure about this one yet. Either way, it’s funny. Buy them if you have any spare cash.


The Music section is blank and we’re not sure how to unlock it at the moment. Perhaps it’s a placeholder for upcoming content, like a way to add custom music to the game that plays over your Spooktube videos. At the moment, however, it doesn’t seem like it does anything.

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