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All Rewards included in the Final Fantasy 16 and FFXIV crossover event

The Final Fantasy 16 and FFXIV crossover event brings Torgal and friends to the game, and it includes a long list of rewards for players to acquire. This guide will cover all the rewards available in the FF16 and FFXIV crossover event.

All rewards available in the FFXVI and FFXIV crossover event

Image: Square Enix

Playing through the Path Infernal Event in FFXIV is well worth it if you’re a huge fan of Final Fantasy 16. Rewards include music from FF16, characters, and even armor pieces straight out of the epic franchise entry. Below is the full list of rewards available in the FF16 and FFXIV crossover event.

  • Metian Vest
  • Metian Gauntlets
  • Metian Chausses
  • Metian Sollerets
  • Torgal Mount
  • Torgal Whistle
  • Torgal Pup Minion
  • Clive Rosfield Card
  • Tonitrua ex Machina Orchestrion Roll
  • Idylls of the Empire Orchestrion Roll
  • Forevermore – The Grand Duchy of Rosaria Orchestrion Roll
  • Before the Storm – Caer Norvent Orchestrion Roll
  • The State of the Realm Orchestrion Roll
  • Who I Really Am Orchestrion Roll
  • Away (Refrain) Orchestrion Roll
  • To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestrion Roll
  • Find the Flame Orchestrion Roll

I’m personally very excited for the “Find the Flame” Orchestrion Roll in Final Fantasy 14, considering that song was one of my favorites from Final Fantasy 16. Nothing will be cooler than running around in my Metian Armor set while blasting Find the Flame through my headphones!

How long is the Path Infernal event in FFXIV

The Path Infernal Event begins on April 2, 2024, at 1:00 AM and will continue until May 8, 2024, at 7:59 AM (PDT). This information comes straight from the official Final Fantasy 14 website. This time frame gives players more than a month to claim all the rewards available during the event, which should be plenty of time even for the average player.

The Path Infernal Event is available to all Final Fantasy 14 players, including all platforms. And yes, this also includes the recent release of the version on Xbox Series consoles.

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