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Roblox: Roblox All Egg Trailer 2013-2024??!

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18 days ago

“A_l” is in the thumbnail

18 days ago

5:44 🤗i dont find mm2 in the hunt🤗

18 days ago

My opinion about the hunt (2024)
Bruh the 2024 egg hunt was completely a disappointment spending like 300-900 robux for that ugc at the side of your screen is just a complete scam 80% people don’t even like it ain’t no way I’m buying an expensive peice of sh* that like 6-7 wears Ik some items are ogs but the actual fu* I ain’t spending my damn time to get a 100 badges just to get 5 ugcs I expected even more ngl those items are weak tho we all know they’re lazy to make an true an actual event when that egg landed and the hunt ended

Ima give this event a overall 1/10

18 days ago

You shouldn’t even call the hunt an egg hunt you weren’t even hunting for eggs

18 days ago

Dang 2013 is so low budget

18 days ago

there only me see 2 piggy in 2024 trailer?

18 days ago

Quit metaverse champions, that is not a egg hunt

18 days ago

Nice AI thumbnail

18 days ago


18 days ago


18 days ago

I miss actual egg hunts

18 days ago

Funny how the hunt and metaverse champions barely had trailers

18 days ago

This showed the exact moment when Roblox disconnected from its community in 2021

18 days ago

1:18 wth roblox 😭

18 days ago

roblox evolved from something that felt like it was made for kids by kids to something that felt like it was made by professionals for quick money

like… the newest trailer look very nice yes but the quality control on all the games was low. (im sure you don't need an example for the hunt FE but there was a metaverse champions game that was behind a paywall etc.)

18 days ago

i cant wait to wait until 2028 for the hunt second edition

18 days ago

2020 egg hunt i remember and still have the eggs

18 days ago

In this video, you can see how Roblox slowly evolved from a little online game, where there was actual fun playing the game (some games are also fun nowadays), to a company that does just anything to bring up Roblox's stock price. Even metaverse champions weren't even that bad, but the hunt? there are so many games there that just copy each other, or have Gen Alpha "memes" that aren't even funny (muscular MrBeast, toothless dancing, skibidi toilet, etc.). I hope that The Hunt's second edition will be much better, and actually feature eggs (yes, I do know there is an egg in The Hunt, but it is a singular item that requires 23 hours of gameplay). I hope more Roblox devs will also learn, and there will be much fewer spammy, copied, toolbox, Gen Alpha games. There will probably still be some games like that, but I hope there will just be much less of them. Thanks for reading, and also I hope Roblox listens to us 😀

18 days ago

2018 is the best

18 days ago

No, no the metaverse doesn’t count.

18 days ago

It’s sad that I wasn’t able to experience anything before 2020 because that’s when I made my account 😢

18 days ago

bro why ai thumbnail

18 days ago

4:194:51 – copyrighted audio

18 days ago

Didn’t even give 2016 egg hunt a trailer

18 days ago

He reuploaded it yay

18 days ago

wait did you reupload this

18 days ago

can you plz pin me??

18 days ago

My Tier Rating of all of the Egg Hunt trailers:

Top 1: Egg Hunt 2018 : The Great Yolktales
Top 2: Egg Hunt 2017 : Lost Eggs
Top 3: The Hunt : First Edition
Top 4: Egg Hunt 2013
Top 5: Egg Hunt 2014
Top 6: Egg Hunt 2020 : AGENTS OF E.G.G
Top 7: Egg Hunt 2019 : Scrambled in Time
Lastly Top 8: Metaverse Champions

18 days ago