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All Shared Computer URLs and what they do

In Persona 3 Reload you can purchase secret URLs for your Shared Computer, so we’ll list them all and what they can do for you.

Exploring a URL on your computer will allow you to unlock special mechanics or items, depending on the URL you bought.

All Shared Computer URLS and what they do in Persona 3 Reload

To purchase these URLs, you must first get to level two Courage so you can enter Club Escapade in Paulownia Mall. Check it out in the evening, and speak with the shady-looking guy in the back corner. He’s selling secret URLs that you can look at on your Shared Computer back at the Dorm.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Although it takes time to check these URLs, you’ll unlock something special with each one. Some will help you complete Elizabeth’s requests, while others will unlock special mechanics and in-game items. You don’t want to miss out on them since they’ll give you some cool rewards.

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URL Price Reward
Believer’s Blog Note 500 Increases max SP by five points.
Iwatodai Forum Note 500 Makes new drinks available at Iwatodai Station vending machine.
Revenge Site Note 500 Gives Courage boost.
School X Site Note 500 Can purchase Lukewarm Taiyaki at the school vendor. For an Elizabeth request.
Veggie Blog Note 500 Can purchase Golden Tomato Sprouts at Rafflesia, the flower shop.
Dating Site Note 3,000 Gives you two points for any Social Link. You can purchase this multiple times.
Security Site Note 5,000 Unlocks Ambush ability while dashing in Tartarus.
Assassin Site Note 8,000 Enhances Ambush ability to inflict Distress on enemies if you Ambush them from behind.
History Website Note 8,000 Enhances Ambush ability to fill the Theurgy gauge whenever you Ambush someone.
Ninja Fansite Note 12,000 Enhances Ambush ability by decreasing the amount of time before Ambush is triggered.

While some of these URLs are available from the get-go, many of them will be available to purchase as the months go on. For example, the Security Site Note, which unlocks the Ambush ability, doesn’t become available until August.

If you’re looking for things to do while waiting for new URLs to become available, have you checked out the Dorm hangouts? Completing these can give you benefits and rewards as well.

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