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ALL the games at the PlayStation State of Play HAVE LEAKED…

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Seemingly for PS5 (not PSVR2) State of Play returns with a 30+ minute broadcast this Thursday at 3pm PT / 11pm BST:

Tune in live for updates on 14 PS5 and PS VR2 titles, including a look at PlayStation Studios titles arriving later this year. The PlayStation State of Play games list has been leaked online ahead of today’s showing.

The first leak comes courtesy of @Shpeshal_Nick on Twitter, who has been known to leak showcase games once the shows have been uploaded to YouTube.

According to Nick, here are eight of the games that will be shown;

Where Winds Meet
Until Dawn
AstroBot (sequel?)
Monster Hunter Wilds
God of War Ragnarök PC
Aliens VR
In addition to Nick’s status, another supposed leaker has also filled in the gaps with the other seven games that will be shown, which include:

Marvel Rivals Console Port Announcement
A new Five Nights at Freddy’s
A new Dynasty Warrior
Path of Exile 2
Silent Hill 2 Remake
Phantom Blade Zero
‘A New Game from the Middle East’


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1 month ago


1 month ago

5/10 lol

1 month ago

Takes meth…shows controller….action!!!

1 month ago

I guess the leaks are real and the PlayStation state of pkay was a disappointment

1 month ago

Sony we don't care about Pc gamers, we focus on Ps5. So why u porting Ps5 exlusives on Pc? 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

1 month ago

Garbage,pure garbage from sony.

1 month ago

What's up gaybers dreamcastguy here, dont forget to Not watch and Dislike

1 month ago


1 month ago

I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed 😂

1 month ago

I’m not gonna lie. The only reason I comment and like is because I was here in from the beginning I don’t even watch the videos anymore, but the fact that he still going, I like I still subscribe sometimes, but I don’t. I just wanna support shit.

1 month ago

Kingdom Hearts 4, Project L (2XKO), New Naruto Game, Resident Evil 9, Fatal Fury: city of the wolves, The Last of Us: Part 3, Ghost of Tsushima 2, and Soul Calibur VII should have been leaked for playstation state of play too

1 month ago

If some developer decided to make a ps5 exclusive today, it will come out on ps6.

1 month ago

Monster hunter wilds, where winds meet, and the other game that looked like sekiro. Im satisfied. Most of those game are probably coming to PC along with GOW ragnarok anyway.

1 month ago

Dreamcast guy, stop pulling the stupid fucking faces, you look creepy and childish. Honestly stop doing it

1 month ago

These sony fanboys are stupid saying xbox has no games but at the same time wanting every xbox game to come to playstation lol

1 month ago

He was right dude This sucked

1 month ago

fnaf didnt even show in the state of play

1 month ago

I legitimately haven't been excited by a state of play in about 2 years now.

1 month ago

That state of play was awful

1 month ago

I thought he would have talked to his inside source at PlayStation

1 month ago

The leak was right! Except for fnaf lol

1 month ago

Fnaf wasn’t there 😢

1 month ago

Thank god I still don’t got a ps5💀no new games or worth game worth getting a 5 for yet🤷🏽‍♂️

1 month ago

mostly real

1 month ago

While watching this presentation so far leaks are real holy shit…

Edit: the leak had too many games ahahaha. All the games were predicted here though. New Astrobot looks insane definitely day one, everything else besides maybe Silent Hill and Dynasty Warriors looked not great in my opinion.

1 month ago

Why is a PC release a headline? Most of us here are PS5 players.

1 month ago

These events always make me wonder what’s happening to gaming. You can say we’re all growing up, but why did games used to be more fun? Why is my favourite game recently Thousand Year Door (which I never played originally) but feels like it has more love and charm than everything shown in State of Play so far?

I miss unique character and worlds. I wouldn’t even say no to some decent remake/remasters. But they seem to be ignoring obvious chances to restore franchises like Timesplitters, Thrillville or remake Simpsons Hit and Run

1 month ago

The ps4 backwards compatibilty has saved the ps5. The lack of exclusives and graphical improvements have been mininal.

1 month ago

I am not excited about any of those titles

1 month ago

Dreamcastgay 😂

1 month ago

I think the leak is right

1 month ago

Damn, it sucks

1 month ago

absolutely awful PlayStation Is dead

1 month ago