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All Warzone Biometric Scanner daily rewards and how to get them

Rebirth Island in Warzone features various Biometric Scanners, which drop keycards that can be exchanged for loot at Buy Stations. But did you know these scanners have a secret feature that rewards players with exclusive cosmetics for visiting them daily?

This article covers everything you need to know about Biometric Scanner daily rewards in Call of Duty Warzone, including how to find them and which cosmetics you can earn — including the Welcome to the Mainframe weapon camo.

How to check in to Biometric Scanners daily in Warzone

By interacting with a Biometric Scanner on Rebirth Island once per day, you’ll automatically “check in” and increase your Daily Scan counter by one. You’ll earn a new cosmetic reward every few days up to the 27th and final day, which unlocks the “Welcome to the Mainframe” camo.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Biometric Scanner check-in is a permanent feature that can be completed at any time—or for as long as Rebirth Island sticks around, at least. You also don’t need to check in consecutively, meaning you can skip days if you’re busy or tilted from being tapped by a MORS while trying to find a scanner.

All Biometric Scanner daily rewards – How to get the ‘Welcome to the Mainframe’ camo

Welcome To The Mainframe Weapon Camo Call Of Duty
Screenshot: PC Invasion, BobNetworkUK

Thanks to a joint effort with @BobNetworkUK, we’ve managed to track down every permanent reward from daily Biometric Scanner scans early. Keep in mind that rewards beyond Day 3 were obtained through data mining and could be subject to change—though it’s extremely unlikely.

Day Reward
Day 3 “Need A Hand?” Calling Card
Day 7 1 Hour Double XP Token
Day 12 1 Hour Weapon XP Token
Day 17 “Encrypting” Animated Emblem
Day 21 Unknown Loading Screen (Check back soon!)
Day 27 “Welcome to the Mainframe” Weapon Camo

How to find Biometric Scanners on Rebirth Island

Warzone Biometric Scanner Locations
Image: PC Invasion

Use our handy map above or visit our article on Biometric Scanner locations to find yourself a Scanner. You can also use a Smart Display in-game to discover one yourself. Keep in mind that Biometric Scanners can only be found on the Rebirth Island map.

Simply walk up to a Scanner and interact with it to check-in. You’ll receive a Keycard of a random rarity, which can be exchanged for loot at Buy Stations. You don’t need to use a keycard to receive your daily check-in, which is great news for players who typically avoid Warzone.

If you’re thirsty for more rewards, don’t forget to complete the Warzone Welcome Missions to earn some easy cosmetics, XP, and XP tokens.

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