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All workbench and research lab locations in Starfield

In Starfield, you can upgrade your weapons and armor, research new designs, and create necessary materials at workbenches and research labs. However, finding these places can be challenging. In this guide, I’ll help you easily find workbench and research lab locations in Starfield.

Best way to find workbenches and research labs in Starfield

The easiest way to find every workbench and research lab in Starfield is to go to the Lodge basement. In the basement of the Lodge, you’ll find every workbench and research lab in Starfield all in one place which makes getting work done a lot easier. Not only that, but in the same area is a storage container with infinite space, which is where I keep all my resources. That way, when I need resources at a workbench or research lab, I can grab them on the fly.

The second easiest way to access workbenches and research labs in Starfield is to go to ship builder and change your hab area. Every ship needs at least one hab (habitat module), and you can change these areas to include workbenches and research labs.

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To do so, go to a ship technician in any major town and enter ship builder. Now, click the hab module on your ship, press edit, and then cycle through the variants. You’ll see the name of the hab on the top left of your screen in the light blue section just below the reactor letter and power bar.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The two habs I recommend having on your ship are Workshop Hab and Science Hab. These two habs feature every workbench and research station in Starfield, so you can do all your research and upgrades (like adding a suppressor to your weapon) from your ship. Here is what every hab gets you in Starfield:

  • All-in-One Hab – Navigation Console, Bed, Gallery, Passenger Seats
  • Captain’s Quarters – Bed, Gallery, Storage Crate
  • Workshop Hab – Weapon Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench
  • Science Hab – Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab, Gallery
  • Infirmary Hab – Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
  • Armory Hab – Weapon Storage and Display

Where to find workbenches and research labs in Starfield

If you don’t want to install those habs onto your ship (or don’t have the credits or room to do it just yet), then you can find all workbenches and research labs out on different planets. The best place to find an Industrial Workbench is in the ship technician office on Akila City. You can likely find more Industrial Workbenches in other cities. Just look for construction areas.

You can find a Weapon Workbench in any weapon shop in any major town. Although they are more rare, Spacesuit Workbenches can be found in clothing and armor shops in any major town. Pharmaceutical Labs and Research Labs can generally be found in the medical centers in every city.

Though cities can be hard to navigate, once you know your way around, you can easily find the location of workbenches and research labs. If you need help finding all the major cities in Starfield, check out our guide.

Starfield is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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