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Amazon Is Delivering Orders in Special Super Mario Bros. Boxes

As a cross promotion with Mario’s 35th anniversary, Amazon is sending out products in Mario themed packages, even for non-Nintendo products.

Amazon has a good relationship with the video game industry. While impressions of its own streaming service Luna have been decent, Amazon’s best relationship with gaming comes in the products it sells.

This holds true for gaming products from every company. Nintendo, like many other companies, has gotten many of its products to players and families through Amazon. Perhaps this is why the two are doing a cross-promotion as part of the ongoing celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary. As part of the cross-promotion, Amazon is packaging its products in Mario themed packaging for a limited time.

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The Super Mario themed boxes Amazon is shipping out feature various games. Some show earlier Mario games, even the first Super Mario Bros. Larger boxes feature more modern incarnations of the Mario Brothers, presumably all the way up to Super Mario Odyssey. These boxes are being used randomly for all products, not just Nintendo products. So, someone could order a kitchen utensil and find it delivered in a box that, for no reason they can understand, features famous video game character Mario on it. Similarly, ordering a Nintendo product, or even a Mario related product, is not a guarantee that the package will come in Mario packaging.

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In addition to the Mario packages, Amazon also has a series of missions revolving around Mario’s 35th Anniversary. By completing the series of missions, customers can earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points, which can be redeemed for various Nintendo products and rewards. Of course, customers must have a Nintendo account to make use of the points, as they won’t help them buy anything on Amazon proper, even if it is a Nintendo product. However, this may tie nicely back in with Amazon shipping considering the physical rewards players can get through My Nintendo.

As of this article, it is not known how long the promotion will last. It’s possible that it may extend further than players think given Nintendo’s expansion into unconventional areas of promotion. With new ventures like Mario Kart Live and the Mario Cafe, Nintendo is clearly looking to branch out into reaching people through new methods.

Of course, this probably doesn’t mean any big-name Nintendo titles will be landing on the Luna. No matter how much cross-promotion happens, Nintendo keeps its main line games to its own consoles. Amazon will have to find or make a game of its own to tout its streaming service, especially after the collapse of Crucible.

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