AMD isn’t alone in the Easter egg silicon doodle market, chipmakers have etched hamburgers, zombies, Smurfs, and even Groucho Marx onto their products in the past

Remember the story from last week about the image of a revolver and map of Texas, etched into one of the layers in AMD’s old K7 chips? Not surprisingly, it isn’t an isolated example of silicon shenanigans, as uncovered by a fan of chip easter eggs shows in an awesome compilation of processors, controllers, and memory die shots. Ducks, zombies, sharks, and dragons rub shoulders with the Playboy logo and a guitar-playing T-rex.

With fewer than 300 subscribers, YouTube channel CPU Duke is unfortunately not likely to appear in your recommended list, but it really should be (thanks to ComputerBase for the heads up). The main reason is the user’s fantastic compilation of old chips being viewed under a microscope, highlighting the neat little easter eggs numerous designers added to the layout.

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