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An Atreus GoW Game Could Include a Feature That a Kratos Game Couldn’t


  • An Atreus spin-off in God of War could benefit from an included mini-game, offering a break from typical fast-paced gameplay.
  • Mini-games like those in Horizon Forbidden West and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth show the appeal of diversions in adventure games.
  • Mini-games could add depth to the God of War series, especially in a potential Atreus-centered installment, providing variety and relaxation.



Mini-games are becoming more common in adventure and role-playing games, as they generally serve as a satisfying respite from more demanding activities such as a game’s story or collectibles. Modern titles like Horizon Forbidden West, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and now Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have all included mini-games, providing some of the most entertaining and unique in-game escapes and further proving the appeal of such activities. Some franchises, like the 2018 God of War reboot, have yet to feature mini-games of any kind, but that’s not to say they could not or should not eventually do so.

There are currently no mini-games in the new God of War series, but with the prospect of an Atreus spin-off on the horizon, the notion of implementing one doesn’t seem so far-fetched. While God of War and its sequel, God of War Ragnarok, have plenty of collectibles to find and side quests in the form of Favors, they still lack the relaxing change of pace that comes with mini-games like those found in many of today’s adventure and role-playing titles.


One of Atreus’ Allies Feels Safe in Future God of War Games

After going to the grave and coming back again, one of Atreus’ most adorable allies feels almost invulnerable in future God of War installments.

An Atreus Spin-Off Should Consider Including a Mini-game

A Mini-game May Only Be Justifiable in an Atreus Spin-Off

The idea of adding some sort of mini-game to God of War‘s new era may seem like a bit of a stretch, but that may only apply to any installment featuring Kratos as its main character. A mini-game might be more smoothly integrated into a potential Atreus spin-off since he is much younger than Kratos and probably more likely to find interest in that sort of thing.

At the same time, perhaps a bonding moment could be found in an adventurous Atreus introducing his stoic father to his favorite card or tabletop game.

This wouldn’t be the first time the God of War franchise has included mini-games, as the original God of War had a mini-game, albeit a controversial one. Of course, an Atreus-led God of War game would likely need to include mini-games more akin to what a young kid like Atreus would play, but at least it wouldn’t be anything too surprisingly new to the series. The only difficulty might be making it fit in with God of War lore.

A Relaxing Mini-game Is Perfect for God of War’s Chaotic Gameplay

The best argument for why the God of War series should begin implementing mini-games is the break and change of pace that it would offer players in the midst of God of War‘s typically chaotic gameplay. God of War is known for its action-packed, fast-paced sequences, and a mini-game would arguably be the best way to provide a hiatus from that normalcy. Mini-games like The Witcher 3‘s Gwent and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s Queen’s Blood have proven the value of a recess from otherwise demanding gameplay.

It’s still unclear whether the rumored Atreus spin-off will eventually happen, but if it does, a mini-game should be considered. It is quickly becoming more apparent that gamers crave activities like Horizon Forbidden West‘s Machine Strike mini-game, and an activity such as that would fit in well in the God of War franchise. Even if the Atreus spin-off game never happens and Santa Monica chooses to go straight to another mainline God of War game, mini-games shouldn’t be left off the table as a potential feature.


God of War: Ragnarok

November 9, 2022

M For Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

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