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Angry Birds gets the remaster treatment courtesy of a re-release from developer Rovio, out today for iOS and Android

Developer of a classic for anyone who owned a touch-screen phone in the early 2010s Rovio has released a remastered version of said classic, Angry Birds, onto both iOS and Android today. 

Ah, Angry Birds. The game that truly introduced a generation to mobile gaming. Sure, it wasn’t the first, but I’d venture to say it was one of the first that you probably played alongside games like Fruit Ninja or Pocket God. While those two were more or less lost to time, Angry Birds managed to sneak some relevance in here and there, such as the movie adaptation.

But now we have what really could have been a sequel with how much content has been added. Angry Birds Classic doesn’t just update the title with some fancy new paint but instead adds in a fair few new levels alongside the originally included 390+ challenges. This is with a release that includes zero ads and no IAPs either, so it’s clear Rovio cares about this launch and hopes to reignite that spark that originally enchanted so many early mobile gamers.

Also of note is the title of the release, which is entitled Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on both platforms. This seems to imply that we might be seeing more of Rovio’s old games get the same treatment, such as the sister title to this one, Angry Birds Space.

So whether you’re looking to test out those nostalgia goggles and see if Angry Birds still hits the same or if you weren’t one of those people who played it to completion so many years ago, you now have a perfect option to check it out. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is available on both the App Store and Google Play for only $0.99, so get out there and relive the good ol’ days for a little bit.

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