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Another F-Zero game speeds on to Switch this week at maximum velocity

Another F-Zero game is on the way to Switch.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity will join Nintendo Switch Online for Expansion Pack subscribers on 29th March.

The high speed racer was a launch game for the Game Boy Advance and took its cue from the SNES original with its flat, twisting tracks and pixel graphics. It was generally well regarded on release, alongside the likes of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

Game Boy Advance – March 2024 Game Update – Nintendo Switch Online

Game Boy Advance – March 2024 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

Maximum Velocity joins SNES original F-Zero, N64 game F-Zero X, and the recent battle royale racer F-Zero 99 on Nintendo Switch Online.

The latter will tomorrow receive an update that adds a new Mirror Grand Prix for the Knight League. Future updates will extend this to the King and Queen Leagues too.

Further, Nintendo is adding a ‘Steer Assist’ feature to help players get around tight corners, as well as an expanded Practice Mode and Time Challenges for limited-time in-game rewards.

Previously, private lobbies and a number of secret tracks were added to the game. I enjoyed F-Zero 99 at launch, describing it as “a battle royale in a pinball machine”.

All that’s left now is for GameCube game F-Zero GX to make its way to the Switch. A boy can dream.

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