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Apple Arcade April 19th, 2024 Update: Sonic Dream Team, What the Car?! and Japanese Rural Life Adventure

  • Apple Arcade’s new game updates drop this week
  • New games are still a bit down the line, set to drop May 2nd but there’s some big updates
  • Check out what’s coming to Sonic Dream Team, What the Car?! and more

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, skiving off work to play Apple Arcade (for legal reasons, that is a joke). And if you are, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty to check out this week. While the addition of new games like Dicey Dungeons and A Slight Chance of Sawblades, which we covered last week, is still only set to drop on May 2nd, there are a bunch of changes to the existing Apple Arcade Catalogue this week!

What’s new?

To start, here’s the big three:

  • Sonic Dream Team and its new Sweet Dreams Zone drops today, with the addition of multiplayer rankings and more to the game. Discover eight new levels and challenging bosses to take on!
  • What the Car?! will highlight the best levels made by its community from the recent Sneaky Sasquatch crossover event, letting you face the challenges and cool new creations of the community.
  • Japanese Rural Life Adventure adds the new ‘Seaside’ area for players to explore. Discover more of the gorgeous Japanese-inspired countryside in this cosy Stardew-like.

Additionally, there are updates for Game Room which adds Checkers (we covered that too), while Disney Spellstruck adds the sleek and stylish EVE from Wall-E to the game. BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team kickstarts Season 4, with a new map and overdrive feature, while Jigsaw Puzzle adds a whole new look exclusive to Apple Arcade.

Finally, Jetpack Joyride+ crosses over with another classic mobile hit, Fruit Ninja! Slice through fruit and collect banana power-ups to extend your time. Meanwhile, Simon’s Cat – Storytime, adds new coin-gathering levels to help you gather all the dosh you need.

And that’s everything being added to Apple Arcade this week! Be sure to check in on May 2nd for the addition of titles like Dicey Dungeons, A Slight Chance of Sawblades and Summer Pop!

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