Are We Getting A Silent Hill Reboot Announcement This Week?

There are countless IPs that fans are waiting to get picked back up again. Dormant IPs can be quite frustrating for fans that love the franchise and have been waiting for something to happen with them. Of course, the reason they are dormant can range from a variety of areas, and for Silent Hill fans, the dormancy of the franchise mainly came from lackluster releases. Silent Hill fans have been enjoying the franchise for several years under Konami. Developed by an internal team that went by the name, Team Silent, the group crafted up some truly atmospheric survival horror games.

Unfortunately, that team was eventually disbanded with Konami lending the IP out to western development studios that attempted to make something fans would appreciate. However, none of the releases tended to do that well and it eventually put the franchise on ice. Now Silent Hill has been picked up mainly by gambling machines leaving video game fans waiting for information to come out on if the IP would get another video game installment release. It’s been a long waiting game with some teases such as the P.T. from Hideo Kojima that was ultimately cancelled.

However, an insider that goes by the name of AestheticGamer on Twitter has been alerting followers that another Silent Hill game was in the works. What made this rumor more enticing is that the game is supposedly a reboot but in development in partnership with Sony. This is big news as several developers from Team Silent have gone on to work under Sony which could spark a reunion of Team Silent to craft another incredible release under the Silent Hill umbrella.

These rumors lead players to believe that an announcement would come from an official PlayStation 5 stream event. So far, none of the events had any reveals for Silent Hill, but another event is scheduled for September 16, 2020, which Sony is showcasing some PlayStation 5 video games coming out at launch along with titles slated to release later on after the console hits the marketplace. Perhaps, this event will finally confirm the existence of a Silent Hill reboot.

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