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Area of Attack, an upcoming play-to-earn MMORPG, is looking for beta testers

Area of Attack, an upcoming play-to-earn MMORPG game based on blockchain technology, is calling for beta testers. Set in a magical world where a meteor landed on a massive city and created many islands, the fantasy title is getting set up to run a closed beta test on both Android and iOS.

Area of Attack is a GameFi community project, which is a combination of video games and decentralized finance using blockchain technology. This game specifically wants to build a play-to-earn ecosystem by distributing in-game tokens to increase player participation. Area of Attack hopes that this strategy will create an as-of-yet unseen unique and continuous earning ecosystem meant to build a strong community.

Featuring a play-to-earn model, Area of Attack will let players earn tokens while playing the game and later trade them in the marketplace. Players may also find mystery boxes that will allow them to receive a piece of free equipment that will make starting the journey a little easier. Completing 8 tasks a day will open a mystery box, so there will be a way to receive equipment in-game for free as well. Players will also of course be able to communicate with others, form strategies, and utilize in-depth chat mechanics to further build that strong community Area of Attack strives for.

With an arena mode and co-op as an option, Arena Of Attack will allow players to collaborate and compete as well, all in the hope of tying the player base together. To sign up and get involved with the upcoming beta test during which you will also be given a free in-game NFT unit leveled up to level 40, you can sign up using a Google Form from the developers that will ask for details such as your email address, name, and polygon wallet address. To stay updated on Area of Attack, you can either follow the official Twitter or visit the official website.

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