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Arlo's E3 2021 Pre-Show PART 1: Rumors and Expectations

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E3 2021 is almost here! Here are the rumors that have been going around and what we can expect to see at Nintendo’s show!

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This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

Additional gameplay footage credits:

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

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Hans Kristian Nilsen
2 years ago

Really fun to hear other characters talk like Arlo just in a deeper voice

NABz Lasted
2 years ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 please!

2 years ago

gotta love kerbal space program music at start

2 years ago

Tf2 heavy for smash!

2 years ago

Crash is the most talked about character. He HAS to happen!

2 years ago

We better get more splatoon 3 news

2 years ago

I love you Arlo

Kizul Emeraldfire
2 years ago

8:36 — "Metroid does not need another failure." *has Super Metroid footage playing in the background*

Why would you suggest something so brave, yet so controversial?

Carter Shaw
2 years ago

When you watch the video using raycons ?

2 years ago

Star Fox Grand Prix was a fake rumor created by Nintendo to weed out leakers, thought I'd let ya know!

2 years ago

With their new game coming out, I really think Ratchet and Clank have a good chance of getting into smash.

Super Mega Evolved Moose Moose Finale Extravaganza
2 years ago

I don’t care about anything, but they better not say that botw 2 is cancelled…

Neon's Nook
2 years ago

With the mario party stuff, both smp and tennis aces released 2018, mp10 and ultra smash both released in 2015, so the two arriving together is actually fairly common

2 years ago

does anyone know the song that starts playing around 12:25? thanks so much!!

Ellie McKissick
2 years ago

I’m trying really hard to not get my hopes up to see Botw 2, but with everyone talking abt it, it’s hard to not get caught in the hype

2 years ago

As I will always say when the Donkey Kong rumor is brought up, I would lose my mind, flip out, go… crazy, since bananas is too much of a low hanging fruit joke, if this was actually real, regardless of it being 3D or 2D. Now, I will also always say that it’s much more exciting to imagine this being a new 3D platformer, but my big hope is just a new Donkey Kong with King K. Rool in a role as the big bad again. Now, since this one is so important to me, however, I hesitate to believe it and tend to treat it as fake because Donkey Kong is in that boat of “Revered Nintendo IP they just do not do much with because Mario is more profitable EVEN THOUGH DONKEY KONG IS WAY BETTER THAN NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WILL EVER BE!” …Ahem… in any case… Just do not want to get my hopes up, so I’m saying not likely for my sake.

One thing Smash speculation always either glosses over or just outright ignores for wow factor third party reveals… Pokémon Sword and Shield getting a character in Smash. It makes the most sense, Pokémon didn’t get a new stage in Smash Ultimate despite being one of Nintendo’s biggest series and also getting a newcomer with Incineroar, there’s a lot of tracks and Pokémon to add spirits for, and, let me tell anyone reading this a little secret… Pokémon Company and Game Freak like money. And this would also be a much more cost effective choice than the licensing and whatnot with another third party character. Granted, I still would expect one more big third party character, which would be the big E3 reveal with a Pokémon reveal happening later on in the year, since much as I expect a Pokémon, I also think that being the Smash E3 reveal would not happen unless accompanied by a big show stopper reveal later in the same show.

Mario Kart 9 I’ve heard literally no rumors on, but with the knowledge of Splatoon 3 being a thing? I’m more willing to believe it’s possible on the Switch to get a new Mario Kart sometime.

And that’s it. I can’t really think of anything else I have to say concerning the expectations and rumors other than I agree entirely Splatoon 3 and Super Mario Party 2 are very unlikely to show up given the situation when Splatoon just was revealed and Mario Party JUST got that random online update, it feels too early for new stuff from either yet.

Hides in the basement
2 years ago

monolith's current project is related to Baten Kaitos,
We need more of that series.

2 years ago

I felt that exact feeling about Splatoon 3. These cinematic trailers that start ambiguous always feel like we won’t get any real information for a looooong time.

perfect Cell
2 years ago

Was that ugh..no was no… yea.. was that who I think it was..nixxiom??? 0:17

2 years ago

I feel like raycon keeps sponsoring him at this point just to see the end of the story

2 years ago

Sajak for Smash!

Kareem Ibrahim
2 years ago

When is the return of Death ?

2 years ago

bruh, he even turns his own head away from the mic to make arlo's voice quieter, what a professional.

2 years ago

I know DDLC fans think Monika is gonna be in smash, now that Doki Doki Literature Club Plus was announced for the Switch.

Gystes __
2 years ago

I’m hoping for Path of Radiance, becauseI want a copy SO BAD. Thought I’m worried what they’re going to ruin it somehow.

Zion Husmann
2 years ago

RIP mother 3

KidAnarchy 2105
2 years ago

I want either Ratchet or Sly Cooper for Smash. Have it be revealed at the PS show, just as an even bigger shock.

2 years ago

i have been playing mario kart 8 since i was in middle school. i am a junior in college. it is time for mario kart 9

2 years ago

I love this guy

Fletcher Reed
2 years ago

“Mario sports and Mario Party games seem pretty separate”
Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Party literally released less than four months apart.

Dan B
2 years ago

stop saying you culd be wrong, we get it

sunny boy
2 years ago

Sheesh that backgrounds fire ?

Super Paper Rocky
2 years ago

Arlo let me say this to you: I love u 😀

2 years ago

We'll probably get 2 smash reveals like last time

2 years ago

Hey I don't want a 3d Kirby ;P

I like my 2d games >:(

Fish Sticks
2 years ago

Didn't Nintendo life or some other site say star fox grand prix was a completely false rumor made to see who was leaking stuff in Nintendo's staff?

Stone Coggins
2 years ago

A lot of people weren't excited when the TF trailer first dropped, and that wound up being maybe the best 2D platformer ever. If there's any truth to this DK stuff, I will be hyped.

Milkyfresh's Lair
2 years ago

Y'all MFer's really out here thinking there's not gonna be another Starfy game!?!

2 years ago

It's quite a safe bet to say Next Level are working on something. Nintendo would not drop the cash on a studio that has nothing in the works. I think whatever the project is (Diddy Kong Racing 2?) Nintendo were impressed enough to make them buy the studio.

Nope Nopington
2 years ago

I will cry happily if we get legit any Touhou rep in Smash.

2 years ago

Why am I suddenly uncomfortable with Arlo never blinking, it always has been like that why now?

The Jurassic Chicken
2 years ago

Don’t buy racons guys they suck.

Mohamed Ali
2 years ago

Why does he look like Cookie Monster

Andrew Wood
2 years ago

Warioware is better suited to mobile or Online subscription. No way a 50 dollar game.

2 years ago

I'm hoping they'll announce the switch pro right after botw 2 with a botw 2 themed switch pro.

Michael Gersper
2 years ago

Hey bro there’s some political ad on before the video that immediately starts vomiting fake news. I doubt you have any control over that but I really don’t want politics in my muppet hosted Nintendo videos.

2 years ago

When Arlo adds a Metroid rumor because he just really wants a Metroid game on the swith. ?