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Arlo's E3 2021 Pre-Show PART 2: Predictions, Wishes, and Non-Nintendo

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This is part 2 of my E3 2021 pre-show! This time we talk about my specific predictions for Nintendo’s presentation, my own personal wishes, and some of the stuff I’d like to see from non-Nintendo companies.

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This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

Additional footage sources:

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

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3 years ago

I forgot about Smash!

Prediction: Rayman
Wish: BotW Champion(s)

Uriel Olivas
3 years ago

The perfect Nintendo E3 (that's not going to happen but is actually under the realm of possibility):

– It starts by revealing the next Smash Bros newcomer, and it's one that fans have been asking for. It's Rayman, product of the good relationship between Ubisoft and NIntendo.

– Then it continues really strong by showing a trailer and release date for Bayonetta 3.

– A few Third party games are shown (kinda like The Witcher 3 in E3 2019).

– A Retro Studios executive appears in screen but before we can get excited he tells us that Metroid Prime 4 won't be showcased but progress is going well and soon we'll have news. Nonetheless, while we wait for MP4, we'll be able to play a brand new 2D Metroid.

– A new Donkey Kong Country is revealed, with the return of King K. Rool as the bad guy and revealing he was behind the attacks in the previous games.

-A 3D Kirby game (in the style of Super Mario 3D World) is announced.
– Eiji Aonuma shows up and presents the celebrations planned for Zelda's 35th anniversary including a Zelda collection with Zelda Wind Waker HD + Twilight Princess HD and a few other things. He reminds us about Skyward Sword HD and then he says. "Enjoy the trailer for the sequel of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild." An amazing story trailer begins where the darker tone of the sequel is shown, aswell as the return of classic dungeons.Then we get the title reveal and a release date for March 2022.
-The trailer ends and while all the fans are exhilarated, the logo of Smash Bros. flashes trough the screen getting everyone's attention back. Mario and Luigi walk towards a scared Wario and then proceed to destroy him, and when they're about to finish him off a sound comes off screen. WAAAAAH. Waluigi is finally in Smash.

-Shuntaro Furukawa (Nintendo's president) proceeds to thank all the fans for the support and he hopes we enjoyed the presentation. Then he says what we all were expecting to hear: "We have just one more thing to show you, I hope you enjoy":

The camera shows the void of space and stars and then turns around to show some colorful spherical planets in the distance, then Gusty Garden plays and Mario flies across the screen. Super Mario Galaxy 3 is announced and gamers around the world burst out in euphoria.

Nintendo has won E3.

3 years ago

Earthbound Remake
I want a proper remake for Earthbound way more then I want a watered down official translation of mother 3 or Pikmin 4 (and heck I want Pikmin 4 eventually. By that I mean hopefully by the end of the year lol.)

3 years ago

I'm kinda nervous of it being a disappointment. I mean I can see alot of the time being taken up by games that have already been announced. I wanna see new titles maybe new kirby or donkey Kong, or a big update to a game like mario maker 2 or animal crossing NH.

3 years ago

I just want a new Armored Core. Seems less likely to happen than Pikmin 4 with From Software's direction these days, but I will continue to hold out hope forever.

3 years ago

I want:
Literally anything earthbound related
Cave Story 2

3 years ago

I want new info on the new sonic game

Andy Blanton
3 years ago

-Talks on BotW2 and Metroid Prime, and especially Bayonetta 3
-Waluigi and Goku in Smash
-New Wario Land
-A sequel to 1-2-Switch (no seriously.)
-Wii Sports, Wii Party, Wii Play on the eShop for $8 each and Wii Sports Resort and Wii Play Motion for $10 each
-Game Boy, GBC, and N64 on NSO
-New Mario Strikers
-New Labo Kit
-Banjo-Kazooie Remaster and Banjo-Tooie remaster/port
-Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade remake from the ground up
-Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn collection
-FFXIII remaster and collections containing 1-3 and 4-6
-Resident Evil 2 2019 port
-Dead Rising port
-Tomadachii Life 2
-Papa Louie compilation (no seriously. No more than 5 bucks, but it'd be great)
-In that same vain, Fireboy and Watergirl collection.
-ARMS sequel
-The Simpsons: Hit and Run remake
-New Seaman game
-Doshin the Giant port
-Ikaruga remaster
-Melee Deluxe (No glitches fixed, no meds, but some characters being buffed, Wario added, in addition to new stages and items.)
-Double Dash gets the same treatment.

boy game
3 years ago

I only want another Mario Kart under these comditons

Have boss battles, have mission mode, & have emblem editor but

with the ability to save multiple drawings & all the characters

from Mario Kart Tour. I want another Mario Kart DS but HD.

Angelo Trevisani
3 years ago

I haven't really been following new games for a while. Everything I wanted came out already, which was spelunkey 2 and the Binding of Isaac: Repentance. Right now I think i would like to see a new game by monolith. I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 last summer and I fell in love with that game so much i basically 100% completed it, which I mean given the type of game that is I still can't believe I did that. A new mario, donkey kong, or pikmin would be cool. All I want to see is Breath of the Wild's sequel.

Anyways since we're here anyone have any good game recommendations? Doesn't have to be specifically nintendo. my favorite recent game is A Short Hike.

Rctheking Lol
3 years ago

Everyone says Mario Kart 9 but i think a Mario Kart Ultimate would be amazing to see. All old characters, and tracks. New characters and tracks. A new mechanic custom cups. All old battle modes and a new one

3 years ago

I keep saying it and I will say it a thousand times more I want a new WarioLand game. Not warioware, I want WARIOLAND. I want a game where you play as wario robbing the s*** out of everyone. It can be 3D, 2D, VR I don't care. Just give me Wario.

3 years ago

Hoping for fighting game stuff.

Mr. Sir
3 years ago

As a WiiU owner, I just want more NEW games, no ports, maybe remakes, but mainly new games

Lukas Eggleston
3 years ago

I'm still hoping for a good paper mario game…

3 years ago

I want Arlo to be Nintendo’s new IP

3 years ago

If mario kart 9 comes out I'll be so happy

3 years ago

i hope they’ll have colorful switch pros like they did with the d.s.
if i don’t get a baby pink switch pro i will cry lol

3 years ago

damn i had no idea arlo was so passionate about mass effect, what a pleasant surprise

3 years ago

there’s gotta be metroid 4. it’d be crazy for it not to at least get a trailer if not a release date.

3 years ago

After the dumpster fire of the Microsoft and Square Enix presentations I just hope Nintendo does better than them

Novus Talks
3 years ago

There won't be another Mario kart they'll keep updating the mobile game and from their perspective that's enough Mario kart content