Arma 3 clips masquerading as footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine amassed more than 110,000 views before being removed

Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive’s milsim sandbox, isn’t a game I see very often these days, except when it crops up in the news because someone’s trying to pass off game footage as part of a real conflict. It happens surprisingly often, like when an Indian news channel used it to claim Pakistan bombed Afghanistan in 2021. And it’s happened again, this time masquerading as footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Spotted by Bloomberg (via Kotaku), Facebook users were shown clips claiming to be from the invasion, including one that was presented as a Russian air assault. Arma 3 launched more than eight years ago, boasting an impressive level of fidelity at the time, but not so much that you’d mistake it for a real conflict under normal circumstances. In a low-quality social media clip, though, these completely fictional digital brawls can look startlingly real. 

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