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Assassin’s Creed Shadows First Gameplay Details…

Assassin’s Creed Shadows Gameplay details (AC Shadows gameplay details)
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Thanks ubisoft for the early info!

00:00 Setting
01:15 Two Main Characters
03:20 The Samurai
04:55 Ranged Gameplay?
05:25 Brand New Feature
06:20 In-game Screenshots
07:07 Other Brand New Features
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24 days ago

Assassin's Creed Shadows Ultimate Edition giveaway (be a subscriber to participate):

24 days ago

They should cancel this crap. Because it is a hot steamy pile of shit. Take out the black man. Put in a Japanese man. I haven't bought the last ac shitty combat reskin. I wouldn't play this one for free. Loved this series but I'd rather play 16 bit games with some thought and love than this black washed bullshit

24 days ago

Looks rubbish. Sucks that my favourite franchise is dead

24 days ago

I didn't want a black samurai… Not buying it.

24 days ago

People should stop buying Ubisoft games. If there is any chance of stopping this non-sense. But I'm afraid the brainwash is too strong.

24 days ago

Bro do people care that a video game character is black instead of asian

24 days ago

Replaying Ghost of Tsushima now and I cannot wait for Ghost of Tsushima 2! AC Shadows looks interesting but most likely something I buy when it’s on sale 6 months to a year later for under $20 if the gameplay is solid. Ghost of Tsushima 2 will definitely be one I buy on day 1, full price.

24 days ago

I want new parkour, combat animations but it's probably going to be the same cluncky and pathetic animations and the same run cicle were the character looks like they shat their pants.
24 days ago

I hope the combat is visceral and similar to for honor.

24 days ago

It’s not the first current gen only tittle. Remnant 2 is also a current gen only tittle, there are more than that as well

24 days ago

Woke bullshit poisoned ubisoft

24 days ago

Assassin's Creed is dead

24 days ago

Finally a channel taking about the ACUTAL GAME i couldnt find any anywhere just tons of videos hating that Yasuke is Black or how the Japanese would DARE make him anything more than a janitor. Im crazy hyped for this game i hope they combine the original Assassins Creed stealth feel with all the good parts of the RPG style thjs should be good 💯🔥🔥🔥 thank you for your video bruh

24 days ago

Also if they have female characters they needa always make a option to be a male because I hate playing as a woman because I’m a man I want to play as a man character

24 days ago

So far loving this. Im more in keen on playing Yasuke. He is like a 6 ft monster that i think would be a force in head to head combat.

24 days ago

So excited to get my hands on this game, just wanna see some gameplay before get it

24 days ago

The gameplay gotta be there. I did not like assassin Creek, Valhalla content at all.

24 days ago

fucking great…. I dont want to play as 2 people…. defiantly not buying this one now..

24 days ago

All we hear is: Radio Nobunaga. Radio Nobunoogoo. Rrr……

24 days ago

Typical Ubisoft woke crap………………dead series from a dying developer. RIP

24 days ago

Another revenge plot?

24 days ago

The African samurai. Really?

24 days ago

NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY AS A BIT** unless you simp over cartoon female characters !

24 days ago

So you can play the whole story with only one of the characters? Like in Syndicate?

24 days ago

This'll be the closest thing I'll have to tsushima 2 so I'm playing as the samurai guy

24 days ago

Woke trash disrespecting Japanese, I'll pass on the black on asian hate crime simulator