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Assassins Creed Shadows Official Trailer – Full Breakdown and Reaction

Welcome to Assassins Creed Shadows the all new Assassins Creed game for 2024. In this video we react to the new Story trailer for Ubisofts newest Assassins Creed game taking place in Feudal Japan, Assassins Creed Shadows! Play as both a Shinobi Assassins and Legendary Samurai!

Thank you Ubisoft For Sending me the Trailer Early!

Shadows is a dynamic and ever-changing open-world, set in Japan, where the forces of vengeance and forgiveness collide during the critical events of the country’s unification. The game introduces a unique dual protagonist system, featuring Naoe, a skilled shinobi from Iga, and Yasuke, the iconic samurai. These characters offer distinct gameplay experiences as their stories intertwine in a worldwherenothing ispurely black orwhite. The game revisits the franchise’s roots with a fresh take on stealth as you become an assassin shinobi, and it transforms the combat formula, offering the ultimate samurai fantasy, forging a new breed of RPG for the franchise. With mastery at its core, the exploration system is also redefined and centered around aspy system and fullycustomizable player hideout. In this mesmerizing world,Japan’s complexity, codes, and beauty come to life as never before and will ignite the excitement of every player,where each corner is a new discovery, and every moment is an opportunity toimmerse yourselfin an unforgettableadventure.

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26 days ago

So excited for this game to release later THIS YEAR!
How are we feeling about it?

I thought at first you'd have to choose between one or the other character, but I think we'll be able to play / swap between both characters simultaneously..

Big Thank you to Ubisoft the the early access to the trailer and assets! #Partner #AssassinsCreed

26 days ago

You went to the lake to see a flock of geese, with one of them is a goose in disguise, instead of get to watch that scenery, you get to see a monkey who gets to stay at the lake only because of the geese finds it amusing. You expect too see a goose in disguise, instead you see a monkey in disguise.

26 days ago

I just hope this game is gonna to be kind like ghost of Tsushima but I doubt it plus this game is really expensive. They’re doing the same thing to the new Star Wars game

26 days ago

Another Woke Shit from #Ubishit I Smell #Sweetbabyinc involved ♻️

26 days ago

Everybody's a gangsta until Ubisoft drops an AC trailer

26 days ago

I just came to watch people cry in your comments 😂😂😭😭😭 I was not disappointed 😂

26 days ago

Hollow didn't finish the Avatar game by Ubisoft because all Ubisoft games are pretty much copy n paste 😅

26 days ago

Oh my god 🎉

26 days ago

Character not accurate plus way over priced

26 days ago

DONT TRUST these cgin ubisoft is not a trust worthy company

26 days ago

Excited for this !!! Been waiting for a samurai assassins creed game !!! All the people who are complaining is lame man . Gamers today are such bitches it sucks . The sheep who are complaining about Ubisoft saying they are a bad company clearly don’t know anything . Ubisoft is one of the best companies out there I enjoy most of their games . I guess it’s just the cool thing to todays gamers to hate on them

26 days ago

Absolute chills right now! 🧊

26 days ago

They made the coolest one girl and a black guy xD i dont want to sound rasist but they follow a New​ trend

26 days ago

I’m so excited !!!

26 days ago

Idk why but this reaction felt a bit ungenuine. I guess at the end of the day he is a creator and this is his job so I guess you can’t blame him for over reacting a bit cause he is tryna sell himself otherwise no one would watch. I just wish games were actually good again

26 days ago

Trailer look s great….. but i want to see gameplay before I preorder

26 days ago

Why can’t I play Japanese man in a game that happens in Japan

26 days ago

hollow ,i am excited

26 days ago

I used to love AC but when these newer ones started dropping they made me wanna throw myself through a 2 story window companies love changing things that aren’t broken.😂

26 days ago

Im not buying this woke bs. We want a real Japanese samurai not a black dude smh

26 days ago

I've been wanting an AC set in Japan with a shinobi character since AC3. AND we're getting Yasuke?! YES PLEASE, THANK YOU! I cannot wait for this!

26 days ago

OUUU the day after my BDAY

26 days ago

I would have never thought they would have Yasuke as a character. I wonder if they going to cover his backstory also.

26 days ago

Ohh great a black samurai wtf

26 days ago

So a black guy killing a bunch of Japanese guys in feudal Japan. Couldn't be more racist towards Japanese people than this I guess.

26 days ago

You doing the AC marathon is how I found you. If you decide to do it again, I'll be there no matter what 🙏🏾

26 days ago

So excited for this game! 🤩

26 days ago

hello avrey yan , where i cant download to this game on pc plis?

26 days ago

The first samurai was a black man.. UBISoft talking to y'all

26 days ago

Look, if this game is shit like the other games, then i will not play any game, ubisoft releaseing cuz at this point their just stealing our money

26 days ago

5:17 i agree with you completely. In my opinion of course.