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ASSASSIN’S CREED SHADOWS World Premiere Trailer Reaction & Breakdown (AC Codename RED)

Assassin’s Creed Shadows (AC Codename Red) World Premiere Trailer Reaction & Breakdown. Assassin’s Creed Shadows Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 will include a Full Game Review, Full Gameplay, Prologue Intro and Campaign Mission 1 of Assassin’s Creed Shadows on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S and PC. Assassin’s Creed Shadows 2024 Walkthrough Part 1 will include a Review, Reaction, Naoe (Shinobi), Ninja Gameplay, Yasuke (Samurai), Samurai Gameplay, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, OST, Story Missions and all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending.


Assassin’s Creed Codename RED (Assassin’s Creed Shadows) is developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed Shadows will be available for PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 15, 2024. Assassin’s Creed Shadows explores the lives of Naoe, an adept Shinobi, and Yasuke, the historical legendary Samurai as their stories intertwine.

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25 days ago

I'm beyond excited we are finally getting a Samurai/Ninja Assassin's Creed game. Looking forward to covering this one! Thanks for all the support lately on my channel.

25 days ago

Even if they made the main Samurai character a onna bugeisha.. and a male Japanese ninja.. That would have been somewhat believable, and a better cover story for their woke trash.

25 days ago

Next make AC Africa and have a chinese woman as protagonist

25 days ago

Satisfied. Two protagronist. And there is a black samurai. There was actually a black samurai named Yasuke if im not wrong

25 days ago

I skipped the last assassins creed game but this one looks wild. A assassinscreed game just as big as orrigins that's wild😁

25 days ago

I cannot wait to play as the first black samurai Yasuke I cannot wait for November 15

25 days ago

Ubisoft will find a way to fuck this game up. AC has been crap for years

25 days ago

Brad, my man, I really love the gameplay and always keep uploading ok Brad❤❤❤❤

25 days ago

Brad I been watching your channel for so long I remember when you used to say that you were waiting for a samurai/ninja assassin's creed!!!!

25 days ago

Seriously- bruh the main character is not even Japanese wtf. It’s gonna be just as mirage.. extra hype and no deliver.

25 days ago

Sad, this too has fallen to tue woke movement women and blacks – no longer the realm of the white dude. But, please do enjoy whatever this maybe. Luck people. Sorry for this post Brad but i couldn't help it.

25 days ago

Ubisoft loves ships…

Skull and bones: Yeah sure 😂

25 days ago

Is this ghost of tushima?

25 days ago

I just can't dude.. I can't get past the lamness of Elephants in the room. Get it out and return with real fantasy. Too close to home for this bull.

25 days ago

Live service required garbage on another SP game. Ubi won't have me as a customer as long as they kill ownership. Pass. Same on Outlaws

25 days ago

I loved Odyssey!! So I am hoping they don't drop the ball on this. If they bring back the Odyssey bounty system it will be freaking epic.

25 days ago

I already know this will be a great day and a great theradbrad let's play.
What saddens me is that I will never be able to play it since I would have to sell everything I have to just buy a damn ps5. Cause ain't no way this will be on ps4. Fml

Looking forward to an awesome let's play Brad ❤

25 days ago

Bro I thought you was already playing it lol

25 days ago

Ppl forget ghost of t is only a Playstation exclusive so not all can play it ctfu calm down😂

25 days ago

Brad, in your honest opinion, does it concern you we didn't see gameplay footage?

25 days ago

Im excited for this too finally the samarai open world assassin creed game cant go wrong,

25 days ago

Waiting for gameplay before getting excited, Brad remember you didn't even finished Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and the cinematic Trailers were just as good as this one, so lets hope they deliver this time

25 days ago

Poopysoft is a DEI shi*** woke company.

25 days ago

I like this trailer of this game.

25 days ago

Oh great finaly they mixed a samurai and a looter

25 days ago

👎😬 its a no for me

25 days ago


25 days ago

Don’t let this game flop Ubisoft please 💀 and it comes out on my birthday f*ck yeah!🎉😅

25 days ago

Black Japanese ? no thank u i wont buy this sht

25 days ago

i dont know i feel like the samurai should be japanese

25 days ago


25 days ago

Assassin’s Creed Shadows of Tsushima 😂