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Avowed – Game Overview with Carrie Patel | Xbox Extended Showcase 2023

Game director Carrie Patel talks about Obsidian’s upcoming magic and fantasy RPG, Avowed, which is headed Xbox Series X/S and Steam in 2024. Though it’s set in the Pillars of Eternity universe and includes some connections to Pillars games, you don’t need to have played these games to understand Avowed.

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18 days ago

Remember the goated obsidian crew that worked on Fallout New Vegas? They are all gone, that’s why Outer Worlds was so lame.

18 days ago

I'm glad Avowed has scaled the game down a smaller size and focus on the quality RPG elements. 😊

18 days ago

No thanks. I’ll just buy Skyrim: Ultimate Extremely Extended Special Anniversary Edition.

18 days ago

Cool. Now fix Outer Worlds.

18 days ago

This was 5 minutes of people telling you nothing about this game

18 days ago

Avowed just dropped of my list

18 days ago

I'm tired of studios making claims of their pedigree based on games from 20 years ago. Likely no one who worked on New Vegas even works at Obsidian anymore….

18 days ago

Looks great.

18 days ago

Graphics need to be better.
Edit: If they just give us a great and big open world RPG , the last gen graphics can be forgiven.

18 days ago


18 days ago

This interview felt so corporate.

18 days ago

Combat looked kinda chunky but I'm excited for the prospect of an experience like outer worlds but with an overlay of pillars of eternity. Characters in both franchises were great.

18 days ago

Carrie Patel giving out that goodgood journalism

18 days ago

Loookss uhhhh bad

18 days ago

Fallout new vegas 2 please… PLEASE…..

18 days ago

There are scripted interviews and there's whatever this is.

18 days ago

Can you make your character an Aumaua?

18 days ago

Tes 5.5 let's gooooo

18 days ago

Could they not have used a better mic or less filtering? Their voices sound a bit garbled

18 days ago

I’m glad they cleared up that it isn’t really full open world but that’s still disappointing to me regardless.

Was looking for another Elder Scrolls esc game ig

18 days ago

Still don’t get why it isn’t just Pillars of Eternity 3: Avowed, but that’s my only gripe about the game

18 days ago

Why do they have to ruin everything?

18 days ago

Other one game in PoE universe welcome! and in FPS! 🙂

18 days ago

Talking about flipping combat and size. We already know its not a big world, neither is the combat on par with the greats. Move on and talk about the RP. Can the RP compete with the likes of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or Fallout?

What is the unique selling point of the game? Are they just riding off the name of obsidian and the reputation of pillars of eternity? They're not even selling the game to the audience.

You obsidian are passing me off looooll

18 days ago


18 days ago

Really not gonna give the option for 3rd person then eh? 😩

18 days ago

no wonder these games look so lame
they are directed by middle aged women

18 days ago

Looks terrible. Extremely odd color palette choices throughout

18 days ago

Very excited

18 days ago

"Among the very best" is a overstatement depending on what scope you are trying to go for?

For Western studios right?

Nihon Falcom will also be the top of the mind for JRPG, without them, SquareSoft and Enix may not have gotten to where they were.

18 days ago

Todd Howard Won Again

18 days ago

It's unfortunate that this game isnt open world and is only about the same size and scale as the outer worlds

18 days ago

I'm noticing a strange trend of people hating on Obsidian's games before they even come out. It was the case with Grounded and now it seems to be the case with Avowed.

18 days ago

why they talk like this

18 days ago

Y favorite developer obsidian entertainment. Thank you Xbox for buying obsidian and inxle entertainment

18 days ago

My most anticipated game !

18 days ago

This look like crap

18 days ago

Skyrim with more color?

18 days ago

if this game has a kick mechanic then it is the true spiritual successor of dark messiah

18 days ago

Nice. This cleared some things up for me.