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Avowed – Game Overview | Xbox Dev Direct 2024

Check out the latest on the new action RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, Avowed. Set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity it’s all about taking on enemies with spellcasting and sword slashing, and deciding how you want to handle quests. It’ll be released in fall 2024 on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass and PC.


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16 days ago

Weapon impact looks floaty. Enemies don't even react like they're being hurt. That's gonna kill combat flow real fast.

16 days ago

This doesn’t look great, more like a tech demo than an actual game. First person was a bad choice for something like this…

16 days ago

Please Obsidian! Capture that magic of New Vegas! Just one more time!

16 days ago

This just looks like a slightly improved Outer Worlds.
Dead, static environments, dull and uneventful world, repetitive gameplay, boring characters….. mostly the same quests and enemy design throughout most of the campaign….
Yup, pretty mid but perhaps I'll give it a go once it costs half the original price

16 days ago


16 days ago

Why do studios insist on doing this forced corporate drivel? They really have no idea who their audience is, it's insane.

16 days ago

Far stretch from the original trailer. Magic looks boring as hell and the combat is definitely boring old hack and slash. Why cant devs come up with more interesting mele combat. Dunno how this would compete with the likes of dragons dogma 2 which is leaps and bounds ahead in combay. World looks interesting though

16 days ago

This is going to be the new elder Scrolls

16 days ago

Wtf with hands???????

16 days ago

This looks really fun and interesting.

16 days ago

This game looks rubbish…
Go back to smaller worlds and more detail. Everything is about huge maps at the expense of depth.

16 days ago

Oof. That ragdoll looks really bad. Destroys whole feeling of combat. Like your weapons don't kill them, they just replenish their HP so to speak.

16 days ago

Another watered down slop RPG

16 days ago

wait… this is coming out THIS year? it looks like a pitch demo… like 1:57 really? that looks awful… or 4:15 that NPC looks like he came from 2004!

based on this… this is a pass for me…

16 days ago

Столько уверенности что это игра шедевр но на деле душное говнище

16 days ago

Palworld, Enshrouded, Nightingale soon. You buried yourself xD

16 days ago


16 days ago

Day 1 purchase for me!

16 days ago

Those character faces are almost just as bland as Bethesdas

16 days ago

The voice acting seems way too simple for them to be a special race of people. Sounds like I'm talking to a dude from Colorado named TOM. Not a young mythical raced warrior named ~Nauki~.

16 days ago

lmfao classic microsoft fail

16 days ago

Looks like a great VR game. Or a budget PS 4 game.

16 days ago

gonna sound nit picky but im so bummed that it has this toon art style almost like sea of thieves wish it was grittier so bad

16 days ago

Co op would have been nice.

16 days ago

too bright and cartoonish !!!

16 days ago

Im excited personally, but please give us a pillars 3 next!

16 days ago

Yeah….this look like another Xbox disappointment.😢

16 days ago

The combat doesnt seem fluid. Every hit the player receives, the enemy freezes for a bit before continuing the animation and vice versa.

16 days ago

I'm so psyched about this game. Can hardly wait for it to come out.

16 days ago

Outer worlds was bland, hope this is more like F:NV

16 days ago

Pass, thanks for trying, though.

16 days ago

Why does it look 360 goofy

16 days ago

Still dissapointed in the overall look ov the game… first trailer looked great to bad