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Awaken Chaos Era is celebrating its first anniversary with an Attack on Titan collaboration

Century Games has just announced an exciting new crossover with the insanely popular manga series Attack on Titan and their fantasy turn-based card RPG Awaken: Chaos Era. This partnership comes as a result of the title celebrating its first anniversary and it will offer players a tonne of new content and collab items.

In the Awaken: Chaos Era x Attack on Titan collaboration event, players can get their hands on iconic AOT characters like Eren, Mikasa and Levi as they have arrived in Aurelica. All of them will be part of a special two-week summon event, with Mikasa being available in the first week, while Levi will be featured in the second.

Any legendary hero summoned during the event period has a 50% chance of being the above two. Eren on the other hand can be obtained for free through a seven-day trial card given for just logging into the game. Players can also gain the character from exclusive quests. It is important to get them ASAP as a dangerous threat is looming.

The Colossal Titan is coming. The Kingdom of Talin has prepared for this but the creature is coming in full force to destroy the empire’s walls and kill all its people. Everyone will have to stand tall together if they wish to defeat the monster. Players must ensure that the wall is never destroyed as that will cause the city to be lost.

In order to beat the Titan, he must be attacked on both his hands and his head. Each part has its own Health and Ability Attributes and players will have to plan their moves so that the titan’s moves are disrupted as its powers will keep on increasing as the battle progresses.

Fight the Colossal Titan and save Talin by downloading Awaken: Chaos Era now for free.

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