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Baldur’s Gate 3 Physical Deluxe Edition Won’t Be Limited as Larian Warns Against Scalpers

With the announcement of Baldur’s Gate 3′s physical deluxe Edition, many hurried to pre-order believing that it would be limited. It isn’t. 

We hear directly from Michael Douse, Larian Studios’ director of publishing, as he explained on X (formerly Twitter) that not only the Deluxe Edition won’t be limited, but there’s going to be plenty of stock for everyone.

While Larian “blitzed past” the minimum order on the first day, as the Deluxe Edition is unsurprisingly selling very well, the Q1 shipping date allows the developers to simply increase the size of its orders. As a result, even if you may see it sold at a higher price by scalpers, you should ignore that kind of offer.

Here’s the full message from Douse.

Just FYI the Deluxe Edition is *not* a limited edition and stock is holding steady, with more waves being prepared within the Q1 2024 shipping window, so if you see them online being resold based on confirmed preorders at higher prices, skip it. There won’t be stock scarcity.

We confirmed a minimum order but we already blitzed past that in the first day, and the Q1 shipping date allows us to simply increase wave sizes without jeapordizing the shipping date so we don’t expect any issues within that 4 month buffer window. WEIRDLY ORGANISED considering it’s us.

So there you have it. Straight from the lion’s mouth. If you’re eager to get your hand on the coveted Baldur’s Gate 3 physical discs, ornate box, and all the goodies coming within, you can rest easy.

It’s worth reminding that the Deluxe Edition will come for PC, PS5, and even Xbox Series X|S for  $79.99 or €79.99 depending on where you live. Pre-orders are available at the official site. It’ll include all of the digital goodies from the Digital Deluxe edition, plus a poster, a set of patches, a bunch of stickers, a cloth map, and a three-CD soundtrack.

The Xbox Series X|S version has not yet been released even digitally, but it’s coming in December, with the specific release date coming at The Game Awards.

Incidentally, the game is at the top of nominations for the upcoming show, while it recently won the overall Game of the Year title at the Golden Joystick Awards. If you’re wondering why, you can read our review that awarded it with a 9.5 out of 10.


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