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Bandai Namco is giving away three free Steam games created by novice developers

Expand your Steam library with three titles!

As part of Bandai Namco’s New Employee Training Project, three games have been developed. These are DORONKO WANKO, where you play as a cute Pomeranian; BOOMEROAD, where you slide along boomerang rails; and NOTTOLOT, described as a robot hacking action title. This initiative provides an opportunity for aspiring developers to gain practical experience. And now, all users can snag these Steam games for free.

How can I add these free Steam games to my library?

Getting these free Steam games is a breeze. Just head to Steam, go to each game’s page, and click the “Add to Library” button. You can also use the links below to head straight to their Steam pages.

You can add them to your library whenever you like, with no time limits.

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