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Batman’s Death Scene in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (4K)

Batman Death Cutscene in new Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Game. RIP Kevin Conroy, you will be missed Legend.





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22 days ago

I got emotional watching this scene knowing this is the last time we will see Kevin Conroy as Batman. What a Legend… RIP.

22 days ago

I've never played the Arkham games but now I will. Fuck this game. And I hate DC constany trying to push the Suicide Squad, they're not interesting

22 days ago

What twists the knife even more is the realization that Suicide Squad ties into the previous Batman games. It's like this gut punch, especially after investing so much time in Arkham Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight. Those games built up this epic storyline, and just when you think you know where it's headed, BAM! They pull the rug out from under you, and Batman's sitting there, brainwashed, shot in the head like it's nothing.

22 days ago

The only way that this makes sense is if brainiac turns there iq down to fuckin zero. Arkham Batman could and would dice these guys within a minute if that, especially if he lost his no kill rule.

22 days ago

Imo, they should've brought Jason back, and have him do it, that'd make more sense and be a lot more fitting.

22 days ago

Its not canon

22 days ago

Problem is, even if it was a one off game, the deaths lead to NOTHING, there's no emotion to most of them minus Diana but killing Superman and Batman should lead to them fixing this and they just…ahhh shoot Brainiac and that's it. Waste of time and money.

22 days ago

I loved this scene plus I love Harley Quinn.❤️ 🖤❤️🖤 This game so much fun, 🤩 and i really enjoy playing it and I still am playing it especially after finishing the story. 🎮

22 days ago

Thinking back to the Arkham franchise and the legacy that was built with this character… is humiliating to think about now

22 days ago

This is just one version of the Batman plenty of other versions they can bring in people keep forgetting that…

22 days ago

My estimation of rocksteady studios as a gaming company just fucking plummeted

22 days ago

this is so fucking stupid. It's like Rocksteady hates their own legacy. just why.

22 days ago

she was right about one thing. this is a joke.

22 days ago

If this was the arkham knight batman he woud have puched Harley in the face thrown a smoke bomb then used a stim and flown out of there this may be the arkham bat but not thats just a title he lost

22 days ago

I’m tired of some of you that comment “It’s called Kill The Justice League, what did you expect?” Man, if you were a real Batman Stan, you’d feel the pain of homie Bruce getting disrespected by these okes(s/o Deadshot and Harley tho)

22 days ago

The developers need reminding that they suck for this. Bring the OG’s back and take this game away 😭

22 days ago

"Not so funny now is it Dickhead" 😂😂😂😂 that shi got me

22 days ago

Rocksteady biting the hand that fed them

22 days ago

People are mad that a literal villain dosent respect Batman

22 days ago

This the point where the Rock Steady that we once knew is gone, and developers bashing the Arkham games are taking over. The future of this game and Rock Steady as a whole seems terrible at the least.

22 days ago

Okay, aside from Batman just getting shot in the head, the biggest disrespect to Kevin conroy honestly is Harley saying

“Get some new material jerk off”

That line alone is the biggest middle finger to Kevin. I mean, I get she’s a villain but still that’s brutal

22 days ago

Why didn’t Batman call braniac
Is he stupid?

22 days ago

I’m not a big DC or Batman fan so take this with a grain of salt, but I think him dying from a shot to the head is honestly the best way for him to die. He’s a trained warrior and is a strategic genius etc etc but at the end of the day, he’s still just a man. I find that him having a simple or “cheap” death like this is more interesting than dying in some grand way as a martyr or something. He does all that he can do, strives to be the best that he can be, but in the end, he dies in the same way that millions of others have. C’est la vie.

22 days ago

It would be better if they got him out of the brainwash, they’re have been multiple situations when Harley and Batman teamed up. I don’t think Harley would actually kill him. And Arkham Batman wouldn’t lose to them. Yeah they’re had to be someway to get him out of the brainwash

22 days ago

That's a Good ending. People are going stupid. The REAL Batman got turned. He planned his death. He would have wanted that before spreading more misery. Harley gets to Attack him however she wants because she knows deep down that's not him. That's just a husk of what was once a great man.

Then again Critical thinking and deep thought aren't the Forte of most gaming communities

22 days ago

Garbage game!!!!@

22 days ago

Absolutely terrible, it doesn't even matter if Kevin Conroy passed or not this is absolutely disrespectful to the legacy of Arkham batman, how anti climatic.

22 days ago

This is meant to be in the literal Arkhamverse n they just merk my boy like that

22 days ago

I have not played a single game, but I know what Batman is, he'd die before he would harm anyone. He has contingency plans to stop any member of justice league from going rogue and the Justice league is the contingency to stop him, even kill him before he goes evil. It's a shame what they did to him just for the shock value of it. Batman represents inner mental conflict between good and evil, a battle through grief, helplessness, courage in the face of overwhelming adversity transforming him into a beacon of justice and a true representation of Greatness of Humanity. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. He's the Dark knight . RIP Kevin Conroy!

22 days ago

Did batman just get the joel treatment

22 days ago

Could have gone with a different voice actor for Deadshot. He sounds like a teenage schmuck.

22 days ago

I'm not buying this game anymore. That's so disrespectful for all of those who grew up with Kevin Conroy Batman and played all the Arkham games. As well as Kevin Conroy Batman. For me the series ended with Arkham Knight and I rather watch the Suicide Squad movies than this

22 days ago

There are ways to work with villains to make them complex and interesting, here it feels like they downplay the horrible things the members of the squad had done, the "misunderstood" narrative once again, and treat them like "victims" exacting vengeance on their enemies. No wonder people want their money back

22 days ago

In reality the moment Superman showed it, he could literally just fly through all of them at mach speed and they'd all turn into red mist, game over, roll credits

22 days ago

This is a crime Kevin deserves better is really the end when even in games you can save yourself from propaganda this is trash

22 days ago

Why is everyone so upset with this? Isn't the entire point to KILL the justice league? Which is what happened??

22 days ago

dude i cant get over the dinging noise as if a casing hits the ground…. from a revolver.

22 days ago

New Rocksteady: You had a good run, Rocksteady. Making incredible Batman games, complete with solid gameplay and stunning visuals. Causing long-term joy to countless Batman fans around the world…

*points gun at Original Rocksteady*

New Rocksteady: …But it's our turn now. After the solid reputation and large fanbase you've built, I bet you didn't think the new people running Rocksteady would be the ones to destroy it in the end, huh?

Countless fans standing beside Arkham Batman: Are you done with your bad stand-up routine?

*New Rocksteady pulls the trigger, killing their game in the process*

22 days ago

And then Bruce woke up from one of his 30 second micro naps in a cold sweat before logging back on the bat computer

22 days ago

This is what happens when you call evil good

22 days ago

Batman fanboys having a hard time 😂😂😂😂

22 days ago

Yo f*ck this game😓 so disappointed and disrespectful

22 days ago

He literally can defeat the Justice League when he can't even kill but when batman turn evil somehow some clowns killed batman they nerfed my man

22 days ago

Yall some nerds it’s just a character they always come back

22 days ago

When "diversity" is more important than acctual good storytelling